Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chapter 2 page 75 - HMTU 17

About 75 degrees and light rain -

Today's training was humid,so still - no breeze at all until, of course, we were done, and quite wet. It was nice that the temperature was not blazing hot, but the humidity made it a chore to breath. The bugs, in particular mosquitoes and deer fly have been really bothersome!

"C", "L", and myself ran a new path (thanks "C" for bringing your park pass). Because of the rain, I didn't take my GPS, but we went about 5 1/4 miles in 1 hour 11 minutes (I left the clock running during our 4 minute potty break and our 50 second water stop though I didn't start it until like 3 minutes into the session).

Note to self: How did I get to the 5 1/4 miles estimate?
-our normal route is about 2.6
-add about 1/4 mile down the path that ultimately was flooded and back = 1/2 mile
-1 mile down on the road and back = 2 miles (this is the X factor - not sure if it was just 1 mile or 1.25 or even more)

Pain report - my who-ha is good, my shins are pretty good, my knees are a little sore (that's from the chiropractor moving the bones of my shin so much), my left foot blister is absolutely pain free, my right foot blister is very painful, my sickness from yesterday is still hanging around but I'm feeling a bit better.

We're doing this craziness again on Thursday, but hopefully it's shorter (4.5 yesterday + 5.25 today = 9.75 miles so far this week . . . I know nothing compared to many, but for me - I'm pleased)

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