Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chapter 2 page 87 - HMTU 24 The Adventure

Definitely a change of scenery --- and in parts, an adventure!

Friday's training session had many of the normal components such as heat (81 degrees), humidity (70%), the 3 of us, and a crazy far distance. It was also full of adventure.

With "C's" guidance, I mapped out 3 possible courses (a 5.5 mile route, a 6.75 mile route, and a 7 mile route). They were all the exact same with the exception of the final few blocks which was the route back to the car. I printed off the directions onto small easy to handle pieces of paper. I gave one to "C" who stored it next to her sweaty body - no worries, I had a copy of the directions in hand (Blind "L" declined to take one). Since "C" was somewhat familiar with the area and I painstakingly mapped out the ideal course - should have been a piece of cake, right? Well. . . . it was pretty simple with the exception of the middle part where we got so lost. Yep - LOST in Fort Wayne - YIKES!!!! Thank goodness "C" is by far the most in-shape of the 3 of us - she ran ahead a block and asked a very nice couple how to get back on course. They were very helpful (thank God there are still people willing to talk to strangers). We were pointed back in the right direction only to get screwed up a couple more times. But in the end, we ended up doing the entire course (and then some). We did a 10 minute warm up and about a 15 minute cool down, but the rest of it was 2.5:2. We seriously trained for 1 1/4 hours and did over 7 miles (yeah!) - we walked very slowly for the last 15 minutes (I had a killer blister on my right foot). "C" said we did 16 cycles of 2.5:2 which is 40 minutes of running. Yeah - go us!

For our cool down, we walked pretty slowly. "L" kept saying, "let's just cut across the grass." "C" said, "I'm going to stay on the path." I think they had this exchange at least at least 3 different times in about a 5 minutes period of time. Then . . . .all of the sudden. . . a HUGE tree limb (maybe loosened from the previous night's storm) fell from such a high point and smashed 2 vehicles right in front of us. The limb landed perfectly on the windshield of an SUV and the hood of a car (I think these 2 vehicles were together like a married couple or at least friends - how unfortunate). None of us had seen such a thing before - it was kind of scary. What's really amazing - had we gone with "L's" suggestion to cut across, we would have totally been right under the branch at the exact time it crashed. Thanks "C" for keeping us on the right path - literally. Both "L" and "C" said they had thought about parking in the spaces where the limb landed.

After our training, we all went over to help move "L's" son out of his college apartment. While "C" & I waited on "L" to get the key, we enjoyed a McDonalds diet coke (tasted sooo good after training 7 miles). We met up with "L" and had her son's stuff moved out in about 30 minutes. I've never been involved with moving a boy to/from college, but it is infinitely easier than moving a girl - boys seem to have way less stuff!!!!

After the move, "L" took us to the most delicious restaurant called Moosewood. It's up by Pier's & Snickers (next to Subway). It is a BBQ place - YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a smoked chicken wrap with crinkle fries. "L" & "C" had a pulled pork wrap with sweet potato fries and steamed broccoli respectively. They also said the complimentary corn bread was amazing. Upon request, you can get complimentary collard greens which I was told is fantastic. Thanks "L" for introducing us to this delicious new place. During dinner we discussed which upcoming 5K's we're going to do as well as next week's training schedule.

I got home at midnight, but what a fun and definitely a memorable evening!


  1. What about "C's" exciting trip home?

  2. True that!!! Even more adventure - how could I have forgotten. Perhaps "C" will post a comment explaining the big car wreck that happened right in front of her before she ever got to leave the parking lot! Yikes! She's safe, but how scary!