Monday, June 14, 2010

Chapter 2 page 80 - HMTU 19

What doesn't work for me? Today's training weather - 87 degrees and 87% humidity. You should totally see what I look like - my shirt couldn't be more soaked with sweat. I'm thankful that my training partner "C" got to meet me when it was winter and we had a chance to build up a friendship, because if today would have been our first time together - I'm certain it would have been our last . . . surely she would have thought "dear God, who sweats that much! Gross!!!!" Ha - she was sweaty too. I really value my new friend "C" for lots of reasons, but today, as is the case at the end of every training session, she gave me a hug (only a good friend would hug when she is so sweaty hugging someone who is even sweatier!) For the record, "L" is on vacation and packed her running shoes - hope she gets a few miles in. I miss her and can't wait to catch up. Hope she is having a very fun time!

Because tomorrow we are planning on doing the PCT 10K route, we were going to take it easy - and what do you think happened? Well for sure it wasn't too much of taking it easy! We walked at a break neck pace for 2.5 miles (seriously - it was probably a 14:20 min/mile or faster) then we did 2.5:2 for 5 times on the way back. Then we were both so unbelievably HOT! It was impossible to continue. We were huffing like we are some type of chain smokers and our legs just felt like they were being lit with a match.

I'm glad that there were some successful training sessions recently because days like this really make me feel like I'll never get to the 13.1 mile marker. Tomorrow is our longest session yet 6.2 (plus we have to walk back to the car so it will be closer to 6.7 miles). It's suppose to be exactly the same heat and humidity tomorrow - yikes!

Note: subject change ahead . . . .
Granted last week I was kind of sick for 3 days, but when I weighed myself AFTER breakfast today (DRUM ROLL, PLEASE!!!) . . . I had lost 3 pounds since last week. I was on cloud 9. I surely hope it can continue. I've changed several things recently. First, only one serving at dinner! Second, I've been making a salad for lunch everyday using the lettuce grown in my garden (YUM!). Third, I was able to plan my meals out for the week and do the grocery shopping all at once - big help. Without a plan, we usually said "what's for dinner?" - pizza. Just had to celebrate with all of my blogger friends!!!!

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