Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chapter 2 page 86 - HMTU 23

I've been so blessed to have "C" as my training partner. The weather forecast for 5:00 p.m. today was to have a heat index of 100 degrees (no joke - what are July & August going to bring???) so I asked "C" if we could move it to 8:00 p.m. which she graciously agreed to. The heat index was a mere 95 degrees when we got started - wow, it was really humid, but since it wasn't quite as sunny it seemed slightly more tolerable.

I know ALL of you have been holding your breath to see if "D" really came tonight - NOPE! I even brought her a bottle of water as previously promised. But . . . "C" did bring someone else - her daughter "K". What a neat girl! "K" has the cutest daughter (okay, so it's a 4 legged little girl, but still too cute nonetheless!)

With or without "D", we stuck to the plan - a 3 mile walk. It was moderately paced and was really nice. We were in the same place as last Wednesday where everyone waves, smiles, and says hi - how refreshing is that?!?! Every single car gets over so as to not hit us and they all wave back to us.

Watch for Friday's HMTU - we're going to a totally new place - hope it will be fun!

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