Monday, June 21, 2010

Chapter 2 page 84 - HMTU 22

So today we went 11.67 miles . . . NOT! What a bummer. My GPS went nuts and after we walked for 1 hour 45 minutes it said 11.67 miles - if only it had been true. "L" drove the path in her car and it was only 6.4 miles. Today's training was pretty difficult. It was sunny, hot, and humid. We we were done the temperature was 82 degrees and 78% humidity (it was 85 degrees when we began).

"L" took us on a new route, though we started and ended in our usual spot, she led us out into the country. Our first 3.6 miles were primarily in the sun and at about a 14:30 minute mile pace. It was fast and when we got to what I had hoped was the turn around point, I begged for a quick break in the shade (even though the only shade was in the corn field - - - move over corn, here I come!). That became the first of 4 short breaks (did I mention it was hot???).

It was so good to have "L" & "C" with me today. "L" told us all about her trip which was GREAT because I was too busy sucking air to say much! Thanks "L" for handling the conversation. I'm glad that she had a great time, but I'm more thrilled she is back! I miss her craziness when she is away!!!!

I tried new socks called "smartwool". They are suppose to be good for blister prevention. I'm not sure if they were any better than any of my other socks. I think my only option will be to get rid of the existing blister and then put moleskin on the area every time. Do any of you have any other suggestions for preventing blisters on my feet? I also used "Body Glide" which is an anti-chafing substance. I would say that really worked - will definitely be using that every time.

Wednesday "D" ("C's" friend) is suppose to join us - let's see if my razing in my last post did the trick and she'll actually come. I'm looking forward to meeting a new person, but also to having a nice easy training session (PLEASE COME "D", PRETTY PLEASE!). I'll let you know how it turns out.

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