Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Chapter 2 page 82 - day after the flood

I'm sure you all read yesterday's blog "HMTU 20 AKA The Great Flood". Many of you have asked how I'm doing today. I'm doing so much better than I was yesterday. My blisters are doing awesome. Thanks "C" and "L" for the most awesome remedy - "bag balm". Wow - 3 of the smaller blisters are gone (poof), the larger 2 don't hurt and are nearly gone (must be a magic potion)! My shins don't really hurt to walk, but they do hurt to touch (again, sigh!) and my right heel (the one that has had plantar fasciitis in it for 10 years) hurts with ever step, but I can deal with it. My who-ha is even better. My chafing is even better - still a little sore, but . .. better.

I'll have to ask "C" how she ended up with her mosquito bites since she rubbed the dryer sheet all over herself, but when I noticed my shoulder blades I said, "what is that rash?" Nope, no rash . . . about 50 mosquito bites on each shoulder blade. "C" and I talked about getting the OFF clip on fan thing - have any of you tried it? Would you recommend it?

With the dawn of today, I am able to feel pretty awesome about our accomplishments yesterday. The time was really bad, but I did 8.4 miles. I did that (with "C's" help of course)!!!!!!! With the exception of about 4 times while I was in the army, I have never gone so far!

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