Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Chapter 2 page 85 - celebrate start of week 9

I want take a moment to thank my readers for continuing to read my blog despite the considerable focus it has had on my half-marathon training. For my loyal readers, fans, and friends I apologize for the negative tone many of my HMTU posts have had. The weather and my injuries have been major hurdles I am confronted with nearly every single day.

But today's post is about one thing - celebrating accomplishments! I have completed 8 weeks of training for the half-marathon. With the help of "C" & "L", I have run & walked a total of 93 miles. So what's worth celebrating at this point???? (drum roll, please)
In the last 8 weeks . . .

**** I have lost 14 pounds****

**** I have lowered my resting heart rate (while watching tv on the sofa) to 60 beats per minute****

Woo Hoo - - - cyber high-5 to all of you!!!!!!!

What else will be possible with 14 more weeks of training until the Fort 4 Fitness half-marathon? Here's to finding out!

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