Monday, June 28, 2010

Chapter 2 page 88 - HMTU 25 The Blisters

Warning: This post contains a gross amateur photo of my blisters. Viewer discretion advised. The photo content may not be suitable for all audiences.

Today was a pretty good training session. It was 84 degrees and the humidity was 68% which certainly didn't help make the training easy or go by quickly. No, today was a pretty good day because I had both "C" and "L" and we were back on our regular route. Also, "C" increased our interval times to 2 3/4 minutes running (and today we were moving at a pretty good pace) and 1 3/4 minutes walking. We did a 15 minute warm-up and a 10 minute cool down. We did a total of 5.22 miles in (drum roll) 1 hour 2 minutes! Seriously! If you take out the one mile walk of 15 minutes, that's 4.25 miles in 45 minutes - yep, that's fantastic in my book!!!! Could I have gone further - probably not, but 5.22 miles for the first training session of the week . . . not too bad.

Wednesday we'll be in "friendlyville" (that's my new name for the place we go where everyone speaks and waves) and guess what craziness we have in store for our training . . . we are going to do intervals of 10 minutes running and 2.5 minutes walking for a total of 4 intervals (does that sound as crazy to you as it does to me?). We're hoping it will build our lung capacity and our endurance. Thursday's training is set for 7.5 miles at the same interval we used today. Wish us luck.

So the shin pain I struggled with early on is gone and has been gone for about a month (Thank God!). It is now replaced with big, painful blisters. I have tried every kind of sock. I have tried bag balm which does help them get better but doesn't prevent it. I have tried putting mole skin on the areas prone to blisters. I have tried smearing the area with Body Glide. Absolutely none of these have made a dang bit of difference!!! UGGGG! I have one more trick which is to put corn starch on my feet before I run.

Please see below -
Blister 1 - the big white bump on my pinky toe.

Blister 2 - the blister at the intersection of my big toe and the ball of my foot (it's a little bigger than the size of a quarter).

I'm accepting any and all suggestions for preventing and/or treating blisters. Any home remedies out there??? Any tried and true treatments out there? Anyone??? Anything???

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