Monday, July 26, 2010

Chapter 2 page 105 - HMTU 35

Today's goal: 10 miles without dying. I personally wanted to do a little more running than we have been doing just because that's kind of the goal - walk/run not just walk/walk/walk/walk. So . . . I created a route of 10 miles and hoped we would walk the first and last mile then do 3:1 the middle 8 - HA!!! So apparently I am delusional. We did discover that doing intervals of 3:1 twice followed by a total 3:1 of walking made it go pretty quickly mentally - just get through these 2 runs and then there is some walking. Good plan that started off great, but we got pretty tired a wee bit before the halfway point. We once again walked a lot, but at least we ran more than we had in the past 2 weeks combined. Although the weather was cooler than it's been, it was still hot. When we started it was 82 degrees and 56% humidity. When we finished 2h 55m later (technically it was longer than that, but I stop my watch when we take little breaks) it was 71 degrees and 77% humidity. The UV today was 9 out of 16 when we started - very sunny!

Scale 1-10, this session was a very, very, very difficult 9.9. So happy to have both "L" and "C" with me, and let it be known that I only finished because they worked so hard to help me. Great news - my shins don't hurt! Finally! I have a blister on my right pinkie toe just like I was getting when these shoes were new - bummer! My heel hurts but that's not anything new. My who-ha is a little sore, but nothing too terrible while I'm up and about . . . will likely hurt to roll over in bed tonight. My middle 3 toe nails are sore, but I've come to accept that as my new pain. I do freak out every time I take off my socks - I would just die if my nails had fallen off. YIKES!!!!!!!

Best thing about tonight was when I got home. My husband (who doesn't know about this blog) said "I'm proud of you" twice in about a 3 minute period of time. While I was out traveling the region by foot, he was home grilling an awesome chicken breast for me. When I got home - YUM (after I showered first)! He had prepared a super delicious meal of chicken breast, stuffing, green beans, carrots, and had fresh grapes. It was really fantastic. Thanks, babe!

Note to "C": Check out my restaurant review blog called
Each entry is about a different restaurant. The most recent post is from last week at Joseph Decuis. Let me know what you think of it. See you Thursday.

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  1. Great job! On the long runs it's really about completing the distance... not speed.

    P.S. You need a lil bio on your blog :)