Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chapter 2 page 97 - medical intervention

After last night's whole body drama, I decided to get a little advice from my own personal team of health care professionals. First, I sought the advice of an NP regarding the proper course of action for my heel blister. She said "drain it." So drain it we did. The popping part didn't hurt, but the squeezing it to get the fluid out was a little uncomfortable (okay, or the chicken in me, it was a LOT painful). She put a double stack of band-aids all around to create a dam around it and said not to run because it was going to just get worse. She scared me with some general threats like: it will get deeper, it could get infected, it will take longer to heal, and may get necrotic (NICE!). Yikes! But I can't sit on the sideline any more - I HAVE to keep training. So . . . I absolutely have to commit to returning to the treadmill to continue to try the size 8 Floats and the New-Balance to see if either of them can possibly work without causing either shin splints or blisters. Not sure when I can get that done, but I promise to reveal the results.

I then consulted my rehab friend of mine who has a close personal stake in my shin health. After at least a year of arm twisting I agreed to undergo a brief sample experience of something she affectionately calls "scrapping". Oh yeah, that sounds like something I want - pick me pick me! Honestly, it was NOT bad, but I think she was holding back a little (or maybe a lot - as I said, she has a personal stake in my outcome - no need to kill me 'cuz she's sure to hear about it!). Thanks chica for helpin' a sista out! I greatly appreciate the trial. If it helps, sign me up for some more torture!

Just wanted to share the update with you. Tomorrow's plan calls for a 4 mile run in the 93 heat advisory weather - can't wait!!!!! Stay tuned!

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