Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Chapter 2 page 92 - Shout out to my training partner's kids

This post is a special shout out to my training partners' children.

"C's" girls:
"K" - First, get well soon!!! Second, "K" Happy Birthday tomorrow! I hope it comes with a year full of blessings of happiness, friends, and fun!!!!! I also hope you and your pup-pup can join us again for a nice leisurely walk soon or you and I can hang out in a non-sweating environment.

"A" - although I've never met you, I have heard all about the new life you're about to start in NYC. How exciting! Good luck with your job search!!! Both "L" and I are wishing you a world's worth of luck and fortune!

"B" - I'm sending you all my good vibes wishing you the best of luck on your upcoming test. I felt so badly for you and know you've spent a lot of time studying. I'm sure this next time will be a piece of cake! Deep breaths - visualize - relax - and rock the test!

Now for "L's" kids -
"L" I'm so excited you and your husband "J" are going to be running the BSD 5K with us. What a great memory you will make for you two and your mom! She's getting excited about your visit. She sure does miss you.

"D" - "Auntie LB" is missing the kiddos and hopes that grandma will bring them by the office soon! It sounds as though you all had a very nice vacation. I'm so glad you all were able to get away, share some laughs, and have many good times. Looking forward to our next time out.

"J" - I hope your apartment items made it home in one piece. We had a great time moving them out (shhh, don't wake the dog!). What a memory for "L", "C", and I. We all agree that moving boys is way easier than moving girls to/from college. Kudos to your minimalist ways!!!! Good luck with your senior year! Enjoy every moment.

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