Saturday, July 17, 2010

Chapter 2 page 99 - HMTU 31 a race

I did the St.Clair 5K Run today. I didn't go with my normal support staff - nope, today I went with some of my wellness clients. They did great. Two of these women had never done a race before . . . today was my 10th race in 11 months. I had another PR today (38:11; a full 95 seconds faster than last week's race time). Thanks "C" for letting me use your countdown timer. A race director friend of mine has always said that even if you don't know anyone, within 10 minutes you'll have 50 new friends and he is exactly right. About 1.25 miles into the race, a woman named "L" was next to me. Our paces matched pretty well and we both agreed it was easier to do these things with someone than to do it alone. The rest of the race I had a partner. She pushed me at times and I pushed her at times. It was the best possible situation given neither of my regular training partners were there ("C" is still on vacation and "L" was having a garage sale).

No races next week thankfully. I am dreading the 9 mile training run . . . and have you seen the forecast? SUPER HOT!!!!!!!!!!

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