Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chapter 2 page 96 - HMTU 29

First, and most importantly - what have I gotten myself into? Second, why is it that when I proposed this idea to all of you loyal readers NOT ONE of you tried to convince me that perhaps an MRI of my brain might be a good initial step to rule out insanity! Third, I'm in deep now - there's no turning back - seriously, OMG! HELP!!!

Today, it was like old times just "L" and I except where the old times called for 4 miles at the MOST, today we did a crazy 8.4 miles (according to mapmyrun.com).

Here's the awesome news - I did it! I did it! Other good news - I did that with "L" - by far the longest we have gone together. Shout out to "C" who is on vacation and doing a 9 mile hike and a 12 mile hike (show off -seriously, nothin' but love! - I'll hate the game not the playa).

Bad news - it took 2 hours and 20 minutes (we didn't run too much and when we did run we used the ol' 2:2 - sorry "C" just couldn't hang - should have taken the 3:1 and just reversed the intervals to be 1:3 HA! Why didn't we think of that earlier). Other bad news - painful blister on my right heel. Anyone else tired of hearing about my blisters? I'm beyond tired of having them. I'm also feeling a bit desperate as I feel like I'm running out of options for what to do or try next. I should also mention that it was hot and humid and very sunny today. My cheeks and lips are so sunburn - by far the least painful thing currently on my body.

Shin update - they started off killing me, but after 6 miles or so - they weren't terribly noticeable - probably because everything else was hurting me more (SMILE). It's been 90 minutes since we finished and they still don't hurt, but I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be crawling to my cheerios. My heel blister is really bothersome.

Special shout out to my friend "J's" son & daughter-in-law for allowing us to refill our water bottles at their house. The hose was filling up their swimming pool and it looked like the most refreshing thing I have EVER seen!!! Ohhh sweet mercy, under other circumstances I would have jumped right in! A million thank you's for your hospitality. You will never know how appreciative we are for your kindness (seriously - it was more than water - it gave me hope that I could continue)

Course note - today we didn't park at our normal spot. Our normal spot is sort of a breath of fresh air in that we go out to the country to nowheresville and then it is the first thing we see when we return to civilization and we know that we are done. Nope, not today. "L" thought we should park at a different place. When we came up to the normal parking spot, a wave of depression overcame me . . .instead of being at the car, we still had 2 more miles. What!!! 2 MORE miles?!?!?! "L" thought it would help us mentally and although it was torture, I do think it had some benefits.

"L" says we're on for a short easy run on Thursday - good thing, the forecast is to be 93 degrees - sweet mercy! I'm running a 5K in Ohio on Saturday and so I really hope that we can have a nice easy run on Thursday and that my blister gets better (doubtful). Stay tuned! Oh and next week "L" says we're going 9 miles - there aren't enough words to describe how painful that sounds.

Thanks to all of you for being on this journey with me! Couldn't do it without my millions of loyal readers!

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