Thursday, July 22, 2010

Chapter 2 page 103 - HMTU 34

Less than 12 hours after "C" and I walked last night, "L" and I ran/walked this morning. Although the temperature was cooler (74 degrees), it is sooo humid (the internet says it is 100% humidity - seriously, no wonder my shirt and hair are soaking wet!). We only did 3 miles but outside of our warm up and cool down (ha - too hot to cool down) we did 6 intervals of 3:1. We went pretty quickly, 40 minutes or so - I forgot to stop the watch before we started stretching (sorry). Because of the crazy heavy fog we elected to stay off the road for our safety - we did the ziggy zaggy path and then up to the fence row.

I talked to "L" about "C's" goals for the half-marathon. We had a brilliant thought - "C" could run the PCT half-marathon (Labor Day weekend) while "L" & I do the PCT 10 mile race leaving us all to finish the F4F half-marathon triumphantly together. Pretty awesome solution we thought so I texted "C". She said that she wanted to stay with us for both races. Hmmm - we'll see. We just want "C" to do great and achieve her goals - "L" and I only really have one goal . . . to not die - ha!

Tomorrow to the big city and a 6-8 mile run on part of the F4F course. Wish us luck.

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