Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chapter 2 page 194 - music to my ears

This post will probably be NOTHING new to any of you, but I just have to rave about my new pair of Yurbuds. I, like all of you, have read many reviews of the awesomeness that is this guaranteed-to-fit product.

As you may know, I'm not really a big fan of listening to music - not while running, not while driving, not while doing house work . . . never. I really don't know why or when this displeasure began because I used to be an an amazing flute player - but since graduating college, I've just despise background noise (including music but ironically excluding television).

Having said all of that, I was actually hoping to buy a pair of Yurbuds at the Women's Half Marathon expo but regretfully, Yurbuds wasn't there (note to the WHM folks- would be a great addition to the expo . . . as if the WHM staff reads this blog - HA!). I am a little inpatient and really didn't want to wait for the ordering process (take a picture of your email, etc, etc, etc) but eventually decided that was my only option. "C" had given me a listing of her playlist in hopes I could find some more tunes that I like (for example - HUGE fan of Black Eyed Peas "I've got a feeling"). I've been going through them and asked Santa for some more. So I went ahead with my order

Tonight - AHHHHHH (cue the choir) - the Yurbuds arrived. I immediately plugged them into my Blackberry and began my jam session. Oh yeah - they're awesome!!! I definitely will use them on runs when I can't run with anyone else. I do need to now work on not signing out loud at ear piercing decibels (I definitely sing worse than a dying deaf-mute ape).

If you haven't made the leap - what are you waiting for??? Go for it - makes a great holiday gift (for yourself . . . or someone you love who will let you borrow them . . .or for yourself).

Now I need your help (pretty please) -
What are some of your fav songs to listen to while you run?

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  1. Hi ya! Yes, the sleeves were warm on the WHM. I actually thought about how hot they made me a few times. However, I was so happy to have them on. I'm sure I was dehydrated from my tummy ache and my muscles were cramping. The sleeves helped a lot!