Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Chapter 2 page 201 - Go "B" Swim Fast

Last night "L" and I were spectators at a local high school swim meet. We were there to cheer on "C's" youngest daughter who is a senior swimmer. I created some signs and practiced our cheering strategy with "L".

"L" held a sign that said "Go" on one side and "Swim" on the other.
I held a sign that said "B" on one side and "Fast" on the other.

So "L" would hold up the "GO" sign and I would hold up the "B" - then she would yell "Go" and I would yell "B".

Then we flipped our signs over and "L" held up the "Swim" sign while I held up the "Fast" side. Then she yelled "Swim" and I yelled "Fast".
Sorry for no photos of the signs - that would have surely made this post more exciting, but nonetheless, I think "B" enjoyed it. The other people watching the meet maybe were less excited about us being there with signs and cheers, but . . . ba-hum-bug.

"B" did great last night. She won all of her races (200 MR, 400 FR, 400 m free, 200 m free).

Way to go "B"!!!! Good luck with the rest of your season!!!!


  1. That is super creative!! I wish I could have seen it!!!

  2. What great friends I have! My daughter laughed and smiled during her swim events that even my fellow teachers who were there last evening, talked about how fun you and "L" were! They were jealous! I told them I would share you for a price. Anyway, "B" thoroughly enjoyed your support and the signs, well...they are on her door! See you on Friday for our run. Dress warm!

  3. Brooke, just so you know, it is harder sometimes to cheer for someone always in the lead. lol You did great. It had been 20= years since I was at a meet. Hope we didn't embarase you.