Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chapter 2 page 205 - TR 77 bloggy run & shop till we drop

At 9:15 this morning, "C" and I drove to the big city and met up with Holly from RustBeltRunner for a 5.32 miler (yep Holly . . . the .32 counts SMILE!). What a GREAT time!!! What a fun way to change up an otherwise normal training run. What an unexpected boost of excitement to get to know someone better while clicking off the miles. "C" and I had such a great time. Holly is a GREAT gal. If you don't read her blog, you really should. "C" and I hope we can all run together again soon!

We did a walking warm up and cool down and then did a 2:2 interval for the middle section. Some parts were more challenging due to the road conditions (ice, snow covered, etc) and all of it was challenging because it was only 15 degrees. We did the entire thing in 1:08 which didn't seem terrible to me. (Shout out to "L" - we missed you and you would have enjoyed Holly's walking pace!).

Afterward, "C" and I stretched then there was some clothing shedding (Holly dressed FAR more appropriately than "C" and I - man were we sweaty mess afterward). I'm definitely going to have to get a wicking hat . . . my fleece lined knit cap was so sweaty that it had frost covering it. NICE!

"C" and I headed to O'Charleys for some lunch - hot loaded baked potato soup for starters . . . YUM! We then went shopping at Barnes & Nobels, 3 Rivers Running Company, Kohls, Best Buy, Gordons, Sam's Club, and Meijer. By 8:00 p.m. we were hungry again so we stopped at Casa's for dinner. That's just a delicious place to eat (whether carb loading for a race or just enjoying a girls' day out)! We got home at 11:30 p.m. that's 14 hours just screwing around, laughing and having a GREAT time. We both said numerous times that we were so glad we did the running first thing this morning otherwise we would be too tired and too sore to do it later in the day . . . or even tomorrow (it's already after midnight as I'm typing this).

My next post will be about my trip to the running store and the latest round of shoes they had me try - I can already tell you are on the edge of your seat. Until then, GO COLTS!!!!!

Nighty Night!


  1. That's quite the day! I am a fan of running and an even bigger fan of marathon shopping. So glad you enjoyed yourselves ;)

  2. Run was a blast. Thanks for catching me every time I was going to fall on the ice! I was so ill prepared for the conditions!