Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chapter 2 page 197 - No TR 74 but . . .

For several days, "C" and I had a plan to run last night together. At lunch time "C" texted me:
"C": Are we still on for 4:45?
me: Sure, why not? It's a beautiful day.
"C": What's the temperature? I've been freezing all day!
me: It's best not to know the temp, but since you asked it's 17 degrees and the windchill is 5. See you at 4:45 (note - until this point in the day I had been in a warm office)

At 3:15 after I had been in a freezing cold office all afternoon, I texted "C":
me: I'm scared - it's really cold and it's going to be getting dark. Do you still want to run?
"C": I'm scared too. Maybe we should skip the run today. Want to still get together? We could go eat.
me: YES! Sounds great. Where?
"C": Mexican
me: I can be there around 4:30 - see you then

And just that quickly, our run became a Mexican eating fest! We talked, laughed, and spent time catching up . . . it was after 8:00 when we left the restaurant.

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