Friday, December 17, 2010

Chapter 2 page 203 - Integrity Check

So I know none of you care - especially since no one pointed it out, but I apparently had a counting problem. For those new to reading my blog, or maybe those who have forgotten, I label all of my posts that deal with running TR (Training Report) and then the number (ex: TR83, TR84, etc).
A little background . . .
I started this blog because I loved to read Susie's blog and thought it would be a great way to become accountable in my weight loss journey. I had some readers who were friends and co-workers, and my wellness clients. I hadn't ever dreamed of doing more than a 10K at the time so there was no desire to turn my blog into a running blog (run? who? me?). My friends liked to read about the hodge podge of wellness coaching advice I had discussed in my blog. Once I went crazy, I mean, once I decided to train for a half marathon, I decided to create a special label to identify posts that only discussed my training runs - that way, my friends who didn't care could automatically skip reading them. Prior to my first half, I called posts about my running HMTU (half-marathon training updates). As a side benefit - I was able to keep track of the number of training sessions I had and so all in all everyone was happy with this system (or at least no one told me otherwise). After my first half marathon I had to change the labeling from from HMTU (half marathon training update) to TR (training report) because I'm not always going to be training for a half marathon (or at least I hope I'm not).
I have a great beagle who is old and suffers from Alzeheimers (or the dog version of it) - so every night several times a night for sevearl hours at a time, we're up . . doing pretty much nothing, but we're up (been going on for 14 months). Anyway, during this time awake tonight, I was looking back over my October - December posts WHEN I NOTICED I APPARENTLY FORGOT HOW TO COUNT!
Please allow me apologize for my false advertising. I had counted as follows:

Well . . . fear not blog followers - I have admitted to the error and gone back to correct all of my counting errors. I now stand at having 75 training sessions completed. I apologize for my error and hope you will continue to read my blog . . . despite my counting issues.

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