Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chapter 2 page 208 - TR 78 Treking through the snow

Tonight "C" and I decided to do a quick 60 minute run on a wooded trail. We figured there would be no danger of slippery, icy roads - we were right. We neglected to think about the 3-4 inches of snow on the ground, but those are just details. We had a blast, BUT we hardly ran at all. It was such a cardiovascular challenge just to walk given the snow, the hills, and the cold that I'm fairly certain running would have ruptured my heart. We walked fast - this was not just a leisurely walk on the beach - no siree - we picked it up and put it down. We went 3.5 miles in 58 minutes. Now, most of you are saying "that's like doing nothing and hardly worth even talking about" but "C" and I are here to say it WAS a super challenge with the depth of fresh powder . We ran the last 6 minutes at a quick pace if I must say. It was beautiful and we had fun. "C" and I agreed that there will be plenty of time for pushing the pace and the distance as we gear up early next year for our next half marathon training cycle, but now . . . now is all about enjoying running and that's something I'm actually doing (shocker ain't it!)

Afterward, "L" met me at our cars and we made a quick run up to the Fresh Market so she could get a goose to cook on Christmas for her family (who cooks a goose? Apparently "L" does!).

I am truly grateful for my friends "C" and "L". I don't say it to them enough, but I'm soooo thankful that they are not just my running partners, but they are my close friends. Thanks girls!!!!!

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  1. After walking/running on our beautiful state park's trail, I think I really LOVE winter running! It felt like we were snowshoeing! What a great way to end a stressful day. I can always count on you and "L" to make my day!