Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chapter 2 page 195 - Top 10

I know, I know! Bad blogger! Very Bad Blogger! It's been nearly a week since I last posted. I've missed all of you so much. I haven't blogged because mostly I haven't had anything to say (ALL of my friends are currently saying, "what? you? have NOTHING to say? since when?"). I have nothing to say because I have absolutely done NOTHING physical . . . no running, no X train, no abs, no nothing - well, I've shivered a WHOLE LOT! I've entered hibernation mode I think.

For the purposes of making me feel better, here are my Top 10 reasons for not running in the past 11 days (drum roll please):

10. The last 2 weeks have been absolutely NUTS at work (this is legit - I've worked 8 twelve hour days in the past 14 days)

9. I hate to run by myself and my running partners have been awhol ("C's" daughter is a senior swimmer and she, of course, goes to the meets - again, legit - jus' sayin! "L" had 2 deaths in her immediate family within a 24 hour period of time and has been tied up with ALL that is involved when something so sad happens - again, legit - jus' sayin!)

8. These shorter days are killing me - anyone else feel as if it's going on 10 p.m. only to find out it's like 7:30?

7. I'm not 100% sure what to wear when the temp is 17 degrees and the windchill is 5 degrees - not exactly a good reason not to run, but seriously - what does one wear in order to be warm, but not too cold . . I don't think I own enough clothes in order to run with so many layers multiple days a week--that's a LOT of laundry. (note: I do rely heavily on the 'what to wear' feature of runner's world's website. Click here if you don't know what I'm talking about. Additional note: The website does NOT let you select "Crappy" as a weather type.)

6. I'm scared of ice . . . well, of falling on it that is. Remember my whole fall on the McDonalds black ice less than 2 weeks ago (click here if you missed it). I hurt my ankle and I think if I would have been more than a few steps from my car I would have really struggled. This leads me to the fear that I'll fall on my booty while I'm out on a run (could be several miles from my car). Lame excuse I'm sure, but I'm scared. Anyone ever fallen while out on a run and gotten hurt? What did you do? I bought Yak Trax, but have no idea when is the appropriate ground conditions to wear them. Any suggestions (side bar- as I was looking up the link for Yak Trax, I discovered I may have purchased the wrong kind . . . future post coming on the topic)?

5. I'm bored with the most accessible path we have in our city (given the road conditions and limited light it's the safest and easiest option). To be completely honest - I've never really LOVED it!

4. The park has been closed a few days . . .those are the days I've most wanted to run (correlation? maybe! what would Freud say?). By that I mean, I had a highly motivated plan to run a 6 mile trail run on Monday -extra motivated by the light snow fall - seriously, how beautiful would the trails be with as a light snow fell???? But no . . the park was closed for goose hunting (which really is a good thing - there's so much goose poop in the summer that it makes some paths a literal minefield).

3. I'm back to trying out new shoes. I'm just not happy with my Pearl Floats. They indeed fixed my shin splints but dang if they don't make my plantar fasciitis hurt for 3 days after the run - it seems like there should be a shoe that can both keep my shins and heel from hurting?????

2. It's the holiday season and well. . . .there's a lot of things to do, parties to attend, baking to be done, gifts to be bought, presents to be wrapped, and people to socialize with. Again - not the most legit excuse, but a truth nonetheless.


1. IT'S SOOOOOOO COLD!!!!!!!!!!

Have I sufficiently bored you? Bummed you? Depressed you? I know . . . I've been all of those. Tune in tomorrow for a post on how today's training session turned into a Mexican eating fest . . . oh, and I'm suppose to run with "L" tomorrow too.

Stay warm everyone!!! (Special shout out to my Florida friends, dude - welcome to the artic! BRRR)

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  1. A few things ... I wear two layers on bottom and three on top (tights+sweats and compression top+half zip+vest) and it is a lot of laundry. I nearly fall asleep at 8 every night. Never fallen on ice and don't wear yak trax but that's not to say there haven't been close calls. Don't fret - you might have needed this break.