Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chapter 2 page 199 - Yak Trax

Back on October 4th, "C" and I signed up for the Geist Half Marathon (to be held on 5/21/11). Knowing this race would require significant training during the winter plus we hadn't finalized our decision about whether we were going to be doing one lap of the H.U.F.F. I decided that perhaps I should purchase a $20 pair of Yak Trax - for those really slippery Indiana days. So thanks to Amazon, they arrived and now they are sitting in my vehicle just waiting to be used.

My first problem is . . . I'm not really sure what the appropriate road or trail conditions should be in order to wear them.

My second problem is . . . I'm not sure I bought the right kind. I bought the Yak Trax Walker, but maybe the Yak Trax Pro would have been more appropriate for walking/running. From, here is a picture of the Pro.
The bottoms of both the "Walker" and the "Pro" seem similar. It seems the only difference at least at first glance is that the "Pro" come a strap across the top of the foot to keep them attached more securely. I'm pretty sure I can put some kind of strap across the top if that is the only difference.

Just for fun - here is a picture of the Yak Trax XTRExtreme from their website. This picture does not show the seriously large and sharp looking spikes that area on the outer perimeter of that orange plate. And do you see those chains? If the weather conditions outdoors warrants such extreme footwear, then I have already resolved myself to staying in . . . and sipping hot chocolate.

Your advice is definitely needed -
So do any of you own Yak Trax? If so, which type? Have you used them during a winter run or walk? Are they best for fresh snow, packed snow, or ice? Ever tried them on a trail run? Any thoughts on whether that would be a good/bad idea?

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  1. Never tried them. I'm eager to hear other blogger feedback. I have thought about buying these if I get "hardcore" enough.