Thursday, December 16, 2010

Chapter 2 page 202 - In search of Shoes

It's no secret that I've had a hard time finding the perfect running shoes.

When I first started running, the running specialty store said I was a neutral runner and gave me Brooks Defyance running shoes. Since I didn't know better, these worked fine.

When they needed replaced I returned to the specialty running store where they asked me if anything hurt - I said shin splints. They said they were caused by shoes and that shin splints shouldn't happen if runners wear the right shoe. So they put me on the treadmill and said I supinate a little. They said it wasn't uncommon for new runners to change their gait for the first couple of years. They put me in Pearl Izumi Syncro Floats. These completely fixed my shin splint, but it has re-flared my plantar fasciitis. It really hurts my heel.

This summer I tried Asics Nimbus and those were like strapping pillows to my feet . . . except it gave me a HUGE heel blister every time I wore them.

I have been researching and came upon Mizunos. I emailed the "shoe guy" through the Mizuno website and he made 4 shoe recommendations (Inspire, Creation, Nirvana, & Alchemy). I ordered one of each type from Amazon (huge bargins since they were coming out with next year's style and wanted to sell the remaining stock). The first pair was too small (Creation), but the next 3 pair were too big. One was better (Inspire) than the others, but my shin started to feel fatigued . . . was it because I was on a treadmill which I don't use ever or was it because the shoe was leading to a shin splint? Uggggg!!!

Even though the Amazon shoes were more than 50% less than the specialty running store - I think the lesson learned here is that getting fitted by a professional is priceless. "C" and I are going to run in the big city on Saturday (hopefully with the Rust Belt Runner) and then do a little shopping around town . . . hoping we can stop by the running company for some guidance.

Stay tuned for an update. If you have suggestions for neutral runners, I'd love to hear them.


  1. I had no idea your shoe issues ran so deep. (No pun intended!)

    I hope you find the right shoe some day and then can just buy like 10 pairs and be all set.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi! My name is Allie and I've been reading your blog for a while! You sound like a lot of fun! :) I think we run about the same speed too. I love when I can find a blog where people run like I do!!! No 8 minute miles here! lol!! Anyway, I supposedly have a 'neutral' style too - the shoes I have are Newtons Lady Issacs - I really like them - very lightweight and comfy - I hate the color though - lime green,orange. A lot of shoes hurt the balls of my feet when I run and these have extra 'cushioning' at the balls. The price they have for them on Amazon is way over priced. I paid $149 at my local running store for them so definitely shop around!!! Hope this gives you something to look at! :) I love what your Bondi band says too!!! LOL!! That should be my motto! I didn't see that style when I got my bands.... :(

  3. Before they decided I was a pronator, I was in a Nike Air Pegasus 26+ and Mizuno Wave Riders 13. I really liked the Nikes - they had a bit of a cushion that was nice.

    I need to go there, too, to replace my holy shoe. I'm hoping they can tell me why it happened (aka that I run funny and need this kind of shoe).

    Have fun on Saturday!