Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Chapter 2 page 209 - letter to walking & running

Dear Walking & Running,

At this time of holiday happiness and joyous reflection on all that the year has brought us, I wanted to let you know how I've changed because of you.

At first, 18 months ago, I have to be honest - I HATED YOU. I know you're not offended because I'm pretty sure if the honestly door were wide open, you'd admit you hated me too. And since we're being honest here - I still hate you more than I like you (if only you were easier but I know, if you were easy then everyone would want to be your friend). Jus' sayin'.

Although it's not always been pleasant or fun, I am able to finally admit to the world, I like you. I enjoy you . . . love is still a bit strong, but I like you. I miss you when we're not together (I know - can you believe I'm saying that??? What's that? No, I didn't fall and hit my head). I much prefer to endure your torture with other people like "C" and "L" and all the awesome people I meet in races, but I've come to find some value in just being alone with you.

I have to agree with "C" - I think I've come to enjoy you much more in the winter than the summer. Although 15 degrees is very cold, I can keep putting on more and more layers. This year's summer temps of 100 just didn't allow me to remove any more clothing. Either way, I think we will continue to be able to be friends in 2011.

As you know, because you make my heel hurt and sometimes my shins and occassionally my who-ha, I'm getting us some new shoes next week. I certainly hope you like them - and can FINALLY be happy about them. Please - just do me this favor - quit being a royal pain in my . . . . (sorry, I'll keep it nice, after all, it's the holiday season).

I was wondering how you see our relationship developing in 2011? Hmm, what's that? Marathon? Now who hit their head? Ha - oh, joke, I get it. NOT funny! Here's what I was thinking and you can let me know what you think about it:

- 2 half marathons: Geist & Fort 4 Fitness (maybe 3? Do you think you can give me 3 this year? Ok, we can talk about the Big Sur in November 2011 at a later date . . . how's April 1 when registration opens? Deal!)

- 10 area 5K's - (do you think that's too many? No?!?! Really? You think we could maybe squeeze in a couple more? HA! Now you're just being funny)

-two 10 milers - Parlor City Trot 1o Miler (no problemo) & The Spring Training 10 (hmm, a new one, we'll see)

-River City Rat Race 10K (sure, why not?)

-one trail run such as W.O.O.F. (always fun, I know, right!)

Now, about this whole PR thing. You know that I'm just happy to make it to the finish line alive (ideally I prefer to not be last) and that PRing REALLY isn't that important to me. I'm sure you know by now that I'm not fast, and as evident these past 18 months, I'm not really getting much faster. That said, I think that in 2011, if you're willing to help, I'd like to get a 5K PR of 38:00 (that's only 11 seconds faster than this year - think you can move just a little faster? I know, it's asking a lot and it won't be the end of the world if you can't). I'd also like to get a 10K PR of 1:21:30 (that's a 35 second PR over the 2009 race). Finally, and this one will be a super challenge, but I just know that you'll be there to push me (and hopefully "M" will be on his bike the last 3 miles; wonder if there is ANY way to convince "L" to do it with me again . . . probably not!) - I'd like to get a half marathon PR of 3:00 at the Fort 4 Fitness (that's 2:48 faster than this year). What do you say? You with me?

One last thing before I close. Please know that I might still demand to sit down, fall into the ditch, curse your name, boycott your mere existence, and sabotage my own efforts when it comes to you, but I know you'll forgive me and continue to give me enough challenge to keep me interested but not enough to make me quit . . . and for that I'm grateful.

In conclusion, thanks for sticking with me. I hope that 2011 can be even more FUN (hear that - FUN!!!!! ) than we had in 2010. I look forward to our time together and know that it's making me stronger both physically and mentally.

With love,

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