Friday, July 8, 2011

Chapte 2 page 370 - Cadence

Back in April, I had run across several articles/blogs citing the benefits of running at a 180 strides/minute cadence.  One of the most helpful things I read was from Pretend this is Real HERE.  In addition to her post, she and I had a chance to exchange comments.  I learned a lot from her.  As a result of the numerous sources I was reading combined with the encouragement and "aha" moment I got from Pretend this is Real, I decided that maybe I could actually run faster.  If you google "180 bpm running songs" you'll get plenty of results.  I, however, am not quite "up" on my music so . . . .I opted to purchase a metronome.  I looked around and found this runner friendly version from Amazon HERE.
"C" and I use this little thing when we do our speed work and it's really helping to improve our leg speed and overall running pace (BTW - I blame this for me no longer having my "comfortable" and internal 14 m/m pace - HA!)  It has several different beep setting so we use the 2nd setting which uses 2 different beep sounds (one for each foot strike - left & right).  You can click HERE to read how our first cadence training session went.

So, now I'm interested in learning more from all of you.  Do you know your cadence?  Do you try to get it at a certain strides/minute?  Do you use anything to help you (music, metronome, Garmin, etc)?  I welcome any of your advice/thoughts/guidance so please comment all you want :)


  1. I have never done any of this. I just run my butt off!

  2. I've heard the same numbers before. Ok, weird alert: I count my steps in my head as I run. Up to 100, over and over again. So it's actually pretty simple for me to see my cadence!

  3. I have no idea what my cadence is, I thought it had to do with biking! : )

  4. I worked on my cadence earlier this year, but it's so much easier to run 180 on a treadmill than out on the road. My cadence probably hovers around the 140 mark. I mentally have to remind myself to check my form and cadence when I run.