Sunday, July 24, 2011

Chapter 2 page 385 - Amazing Blogger Award

Kristen at Bigger Girls Can Run Too awarded me the Amazing Blogger Award.  What a fun post this will be to write . . . and hopefully to read.  Thanks, Kristen.

[Favorite Cartoon Character]
I don't really have a favorite - kind of pathetic huh!  I even tried to google favorite cartoon characters in hopes something would make me go "Oh yeah, I love that one."  Nope!  That's kind even more pathetic that I had to google it, huh!  Well, I do have some likes:
-Bobby Hill (King of the hill) - his inner couch potato and endless optimism kind are reminiscent of myself
-Hank Hill (King of the hill) - his straight lace gotta follow the rules and inability to get subtlies also reminds me of myself . . . a little
-Superman - because who really doesn't want to be a secret super hero
-Fat Albert - a true teacher at heart
-Charlie Brown - surely you've felt like an outcast or out of your league once or twice in your life? I'm not alone in that am I?
-and many others
[Favorite Thing to Photograph]
 I really enjoy photographing my friends at races.  Click HERE and scroll down to see the photo collages I make after each one of my 30 races.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  Other than friends at races, I LOVE photographing flowers.  

This is one of my favs becasue it has a lot about the race but also includes a lot of beautiful tulips.

Destintation races are extremely fun to photograph because so much happens during the weekend.

This just screasms "good time' and that's what I like most about it.

I like the imromptu crazy pose session we had after the race. 

[Favorite Thing to Cook]
 I don't love to cook, but have really developed my skills since I got married.  My fav easy meal is soup in the crock pot (like beef stew, taco soup, chili, or potato soup).  My favorite fairly easy dish to make is one skillet lasagna.  My favoriet moderately easy meal to make is meat loaf with roasted red potatoes.  My favorite complex meal to make is the copy-cat Medara Chicken from Cheesecake Factory paired with mashed red potatoes and asparagus - takes exactly like the original.  

[Favorite Way to Exercise]
I enjoy water aerobics (so long I'm teaching it - I'm NOT a fan of old lade water aerobics).   My ultimate favorite exercise are group aerobics classes including Zumba and especially the Les Mills classes such as Body Pump (OMG that's just so awesome), Body Flow (like yoga), and Body Combat (like kick boxing). I LOVE these Les Mills Classes and been so upset for 7 years of living in IN that the closest gym offering them is more than 2 hours away (not feasible to go to an hour class with a 4 hour commute to the gym).  NOW, I recently saw a coupon for a free class at our local running store . .  the classes are being held about 1 1/4 hours from my house - still sucky, but definitely looking better and better (sigh, it's still pretty far 2.5 hour drive to go to an hour class). 

[Favorite Movie]
 I love movies.  All movies.  I just love movies.  Before I was married, I would leave my small town on Friday afternoon and go to the big city to see at least 2 movies then return to the big city again on Saturday to see 3 movies and again on Sunday.  I love movies.  Since I got married, ummm, I see less movies.  Some of my favs are: DaVinci Code, Love Actually, Last Holiday, and Inception!  My husband has drug me down the path of John Wayne and so I would say I enjoy most of his movies - espeically Hatari, Rio Bravo, and The Shootest to name a few. 

[Favorite Clothing]
 Big fan of pajamas!  I like the comfy pants and soft shirts.  Other than that, I love wearing jeans (not in the summer - too hot). 

[Favorite Breakfast]
My favorite easy breakfast is just a toasted whole wheat bagel thin with natural PB spread on top with grapes cut in half and stuck to the PB.  My favorite more complicated breakfast is a breakfast cassorole (not made with corn flakes!).  Thanks to a co-worker, I have even made individual breakfast cassoroles in little muffin tins - then they can be frozand quickly nuked for a healthy hot breakfast that's on the go!

[Favorite Book]
I don't read much, but I would say my favorite book would probably be To Kill a Mockingbird. 
My second favorite book would be A Million Little Pieces (seriously, who read that and didn't already know it was exaggerated despite what the author and Oprah said?!?!).
I'm currently reading The Help and that's very interesting.  I wish I had more time to read. 


[Favorite Place to Be]
I really love teaching health so I would say that anywhere where I can teach health is a great place.
  I also really enjoy being in my bed - on a winter day, with flannel sheets, snuggling with my hubby - ahhhh. 
Not actually my bed, sigh!
I have delusions of enjoying a tropical island (not likely I'll ever get to actually go to one to see if I might really like it). 
Oh and yes, one of my FAV places is . . . at the finish line of a race preferably with friends!
My "peeps" at the Diva Dash finish line!!!

[Favorite Sporting Event]
HUGE NFL FAN HERE!!!  They better figure out their contract and soon!!!!  Go Colts, Go Ravens, Go 'Skins (though, there's very little hope for them!). 

[Favorite Flower]
I really prefer Tulips - they are so beautiful and they come in so many colors and color combinations.  It's sad they don't lst very long, but they are sure beautiful when the are around.  
 My favorite flower to grow in my landscaping is Day Lillies (much for the same reason as tulips - they're beautiful and come in so many colors).  

This variety is called "Cotton Candy" and is in my backyard. 


  1. Very fun!

    Have you see the original True Grit? That's a John Wayne classic. He was my G-pa's fave actor. He even had a JW cardboard cutout. :)

  2. Love the post! Your breakfast casserole in muffin tins sounds like the perfect answer to my busy days. I may just steal it from you.... ;)

  3. To respond to your question on my blog - on the front of there is a link to smart coach. I did the free version, you do have to sign up for a runnerwold account -but that is free also.

  4. I second the lack of group fitness classes in NE Indiana. I get so jealous of people taking Body Pump and the like. Ugh.

  5. Love the collages you make after your races! I have all the stuff to scrapbook but I am such a slacker and haven't gotten to scrapbooking any of my running pictures yet!

    And, so glad to hear you are a NFL fan, I can't wait for the season to start again! GO Colts! :)

  6. This winter, I hope to try a few fitness classes just for fun. I need a break from running sometimes.

    I don't have a favorite cartoon character either.

    Another blogger I follow tagged me with this same award. One of these days, I will post all my answers!