Friday, July 1, 2011

Chapter 2 page 365 - TR 129 4 sweaty miles

In an effort to train for my upcoming 5K where I hope to get a PR of at least 39:30 (any idea how "over the moon" I would be if I could run a 39:00 - WOW, but unlikely at this time maybe next summer), I did this training session using a 3:10 run and a 1:45 walk.  The good news is that I felt pretty strong.  I walked through an interval at 22 minutes (about 9 minutes before the turn around point) and at about the 37 minute mark (just after a slight hill).  I also struggled on the final interval which would have been about 3/4 mile from the end, but I did run the majority of the 3:10. 
If only you could feel how SOAKED that bra and shirt are - GROSS!!!!!
So here's some of the highs and lows:
+took a bottle of water with me and hydrated well during the run

+ listed to music (got a new song "Who Says" by Selena Gomez - it's a real motivator!)

+had a nice route that integrated both a shady section and a slight air moving section

+felt like running 3:10 wasn't impossible

+felt the 1:45 was enough rest (just maybe need to work on endurance to do it for the full 4 miles) . . think I could easily drop that walking interval to 1:30 and probably 1:20 without any real drama

+didn't stop to roll in the grass or sit on a park bench  . . . kept moving the whole time (huge improvement over Wednesday's run) 

+stretched a LOT afterward and heel didn't hurt on the run (it shouldn't have, it was only 4 miles)

-i didn't wear wicking clothes ('cept my knickers) so I was totally drenched with sweat

-panicked a little bit during the last 2 intervals because I was still about 1 mile away and almost out of water

-hate that I couldn't "gut it out" and do all the intervals


  1. Well done ... those park benches are so tempting!

  2. Actually you would have to come all the way down to Australia to do it with me!

  3. Girl you need a wardrobe makeover! You need 100% wicking gear. No exceptions!

    Way to go out there on your own and chug along!

    Good job!!

  4. No need for apologies!! Maybe you should think of doing a race down here ... I would do it with you!

  5. @ Sammy - now you're peaking my interest! 2013 - hmm, maybe!

  6. Looks like we just missed each other at the park today. I ran around 10:30 this morning so I could get my errands finished. Way to go...4 miles! I only did a 5K because I wanted to see how the 3/1 interval went so that IF I do the Chicago and stay with the pace group I'll be able to hang with them the entire way. I agree that today was a scorcher. No sun but plenty of humidity. I had all wicking clothes on and it took me over an hour to dry off. Boy did the people in the grocery store look at me funny with the front of my shirt soaked with sweat. Oh, and I found my old visor! Happy 4th!

  7. Overall, it sounds like you had a great training run. Keep working your way up to a 4:00 run/1:xx walk interval. You've got what it takes to get there!

  8. Happy 4th. Thanks for thinking of me. We should catch up via email.

  9. Great job! You never know about that 5K - you might surprise yourself. And I agree with Richelle. You have what it takes to do the 4:1 interval.