Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Chapter 2 page 369 - TR 132 Race rehersal

Tonight after our half marathon class (didn't learn anything new so I won't be writing a post about it), "C" and I walked 1.33 miles with a classmate "J" and then we continued to do 2.5 more miles using a 3:00 run & 1:00 walk.  This interval is what we plan to use for Saturday's 5K race . . . the one I'm hoping to get a PR of 39:30 (acceptable), 39:15 (awesome), 39:00 (OMG I totally ROCK!).  We used this 3:1 interval last year when I got my 5K PR so I'm hoping I can dig deep and push through (as you know, pushing through is not my strong point).  I feel more confidence after tonight's run - we did one mile at a 12:11 - yeah, that'll definitely help me get a PR, woo hoo!!!  We discussed race strategy, here's what we established as our "race rules":
1.  We're going to job 1/2 mile before the race as a warm up.
2.  We're going to start the race off with a 3 min running interval and do it easy - then we'll build from there.
3.  I'm allowed to walk through ONE interval so long as it isn't in the last 3/4 of a mile!
4.  We're using the 3:1 interval.
5.  We'll walk through the water station but return to running if it is during our running interval
6.  I'm taking my metronome and we'll break it out hopefully with like 1/2 mile left - that might actually be changed to the "final stretch" - we'll have to see . . . I certainly don't want to have a heart attack!!!!
7.  We're going to wear our ipods (only done this for 1 5K and the last 3 miles of the Geist half) - I usually prefer to talk and laugh and have fun, but with this pace, I'm not sure that I will be able to talk to "C" so . . . . I'll focus on the tunes. 
8.  I'm going to carry a bottle of water with me - goofy, yes, but I get anxiety when I don't have enough water and although the forecast is for 63 degrees at the race start - the forecast is calling for 96% humidity - YUCK!
9.  Hopefully our half marathon class teacher will still be around at the finish line and either cheer us on or be around for a photo op - he's hoping to win the race . . . we, of course, are wishing him ALL THE LUCK!!!  Good Luck, Eric!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Although we'll be 25 minutes behind you, we're still cheering for you!!!!

So, do you run races with friends/people?  Do you set personal "rules" for yourself for races?  If so, what are some of your rules?

Fingers crossed that I'll be able to do it - stay tuned (the race is Saturday at 8:00 a.m.).


  1. You've got a good race strategy. I would definitely stick to the plan because I think it will pay off for you. Good luck!

    I usually don't run with people, although every once in a while I will.

    What do you mean by "personal rules"? I'm a little lost (but also because it's really late and I'm not in bed yet, haha!).

  2. You know me. I run races alone but the Hubz is almost always there.

    Go Eric!!

    Big time race with prize money. I almost wish I wasn't running just so I could watch the big dogs finish!!

    P.S. I think you need to add my new domain to your blogroll. I disappeared :(

  3. @ Richelle- girl, you should go to bed!!! Nighty Night! Ha! Personal rules - I just meant like the 1-9 I listed above (race strategies type of things).

  4. I typically run alone, but not because I wouldn't love to run with someone... I just haven't found anyone who wants to run with me!

    As far as race rules, I don't - but I am definitely new and learning, so I think I should set some too!

    Thanks for letting me walk with you guys, and GOOD LUCK this weekend, I know you can PR! I will be sending you speedy vibes and wishing I was there to run with you guys!

    Oh, and GO ERIC :)

  5. I HATE running alone. I'm a partner kind of girl. We are following your "rules" with some of our own modifications. We'll see how it goes...see you there!