Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chapter 2 page 379 - TR 138 the hottest long run

Now accepting cyber HIGH FIVE'S  . . . .our training plan said to do 11 miles, but because "L", "C" and I are JUST.THAT.AWESOME. we did 12.15 with 5.3 miles of that was trail running (which I love, and thank goodness provided us with shade because after all we have an excessive heat warning).  I am 100% pleased with the how we did this training session.
1.  We started at 7 a.m. (for the record at 3:45 a.m. it was a heat index of 91 - really!, dang!)
2.  We did the first 2 miles with "L" which made it more fun.
3.  We planned our road part of our route so that we passed 4 water fountains.
4.   We had a transition spot where we both pottied and fueled and regrouped prior to starting out on the trail. 
5.  We elected to do trail running for 5 miles instead of the road so that we would have SHADE!
6. We took a detour and came off the trail to rehydrate half way through the trail section - we also fueled.
7.  We changed our interval to accommodate the 106* heat index (yes, it was 7 a.m.) which may seem slow and retarded to you fasties out there, but found it to be effective and safe . . . we ran 1 minute and walked 2 minutes (did I mention 106* heat index at 7 a.m.?) - we're just recreational runners trying to get better and trying to have fun - it's. not.worth.dying.over! PERIOD!!!  It's hot, we feel we had to be smart!
8.  We did a 1.13 mile warm up and a.75 mile cool down.
9.  It was actually pretty fun - the best part is that I really felt strong and that I could do it!  No giving up, no sitting down, no rolling in the grass, no doubled over in pain (who knows what standing up will feel like after sitting to type this post - ha!)
10.  "C" was back on the team - woot woot!!!!!

For us, I think we were very smart in our approach and I feel super proud that we can say that we did it in this weather!  Be safe everyone!!!


  1. I will give you a cyber high-five for that for sure, and a real high-five tomorrow! I cant imagine running 12 miles in this heat! You and "C" are rock stars!

  2. Very impressive!

    I'll live out my runs vacariously through you!

  3. Nice job!

    I've done treadmill workouts during this hot week. I'm such a wuss!