Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chapter 2 page 366 - TR 130 every interval

For a number of reasons, I've neglected my training schedule.  I think the final blow occured when I found myself rolling in the grass 3 miles from the end of my long run on Wednesday.  I had been thinking I was stronger and improved, but then I just.couldn't.go.any.further during the long run (in case you missed it, I laid on the grass for 3 minutes then was able to finish the remaining 2 miles).  I felt extremely defeated and beyond concerned about my upcoming 4 halfs in 4 months - what.was.I.thinking???????????  Ugggg - on the back of Wednesday's long run was Friday's 4 miler when I did great and felt strong and was pretty fast (for me) but failed to gut it out and do all the running intervals.  To say my running confidence was pretty low would have been an understatement. . . . but then as if the universe knew I needed a "win" - I did a 3.25 miler in 44:26 (not fast, but that's okay becaue the training schedule called for an easy pace) and used a new interval (3:15 run & 1:40 walk . . .which is 5 seconds more running and 5 seconds less walking than Friday's interval - woot!).  Guess what?!?!?!  Oh yeah, I did EVERY interval.  I didn't walk any extra (except 5 minutes warm up and 5 minutes cool down).  Every interval - YES!  I didn't feel amazingly fast but it felt do-able and that feeling was pretty priceless!!!  Here's a post run pix (probably can't tell, but that's a non-wicking shirt and it's fully soaked - nice right?  I do have lots of wicking clothes, but these last couple of runs have occurred rather spontaneously and I didn't want to take the time to actually change into wicking clothes -feared I would loose the motivation to actually go and run)

So what's your preference?  
Do you like to see a post run pix or would you prefer I skip them in the future?

Have a wonderful Independence Day America and to the readers around the world, Happy Monday, July 4th!  Either way, I hope the day is a great one for you!!!


  1. Some kind of pix are better than no pix!

  2. Running confidence...interesting concept. I'm glad you got it back up!

  3. So glad you got in a great confidence-boosting run! I always say, after a bad run comes a great run!

  4. Confidence-boosting runs are so important to keep your motivation up. Glad you got a fantastic run in!