Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chapter 2 page 393 - TR 145 Sesame Street

Have you seen the newest Sesame Street character?  It's . . . .

(pink & orange visor, neon yellow shirt, orange compression sleeves, pink shoes)

Seriously, don't I look like a mix between Big Bird, Bert, Ernie, with a little Zoe thrown in for good measure? 

Today's run was sponsored by the letter S.  S is for SWEAT!

Anyway besides my colorful running attire and the post run sweaty photo thrown in for good measure, I had a good run tonight.  I did 4.71 miles on a very familiar route and enjoyed pretty much most of it.  There was a part at about the 47 minute mark that was totally in the sun and was a KIL-LER (it was 92* with a heat index of 99* after all - dew point of 71* makes for a sweatfest ).  I walked through an interval, but the entire rest of the time I did every interval (used 2 & 2:30 nice and slowly today).  Listened to my jamz while I thought about my Chicago strategy and how it will be to do it with someone I've never run before (you'll have to wait for that story until after the half), and what lessons I will have to rely on to not only push myself, but my new racing partner through the race in order for us to be successful (mostly thinking all about fueling, hydrating, and pacing). 

Glad I didn't skip this one.  Next week is a mini taper (and is for sure my cut back week) - I say BRING.IT.ON!!!!!!


  1. 4.71 miles the day after a 5k?

    I'm going to cultivate inspiration from you tonight when I try to go on a training run.


  2. You always wow me with how awesome you are! Where did you get your compression socks?

  3. I love the outfit, too fun! I really wish Chicago weren't the same weekend as the Warrior Dash. I would totally do it with you guys - using your intervals and all! :) Darn timing! You are going to rock Chicago, and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  4. LOL! Love the Sesame Street comment!!

  5. Ditto on the Sesame Street comment! Nice job on your run in the heat. I've really been struggling with my runs in hot weather this summer.