Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chapter 2 page 394 - quad pain

Tired of hearing about my aches and pains?  Yeah, I'm tired of talking about them too - and definitely far tired of having them. About 6 weeks ago I was out on a solo easy run when at about the 2.5 mile mark my left quad felt tight - it was pretty sudden onset and really felt kind of like a knot.  I didn't think anything of it - thought a good stretch afterward would fix the problem. WRONG!  The quad pain has lingered now for 6 weeks - BOO!  I have been to 3 massage appointments with 2 different therapists.  The pain seems to get better once the muscle is warmed up, but as of late, the pain is intense when I get out of the car, get off of a chair to the side (think getting out of a restaurant booth), or put more weight on my left leg (like when stepping up).  Yesterday it hurt so bad that I made a chiropractic and massage appointment for this evening.  Turns out that my hip was out of place and that the insertion (at the hip) of my Sartorius muscle (transverse muscle across the front of the thigh) is to blame.  There was a small knot in my Satorius muscle but the real source of the pain was coming from the insertion - where the muscle was very tight.  

I had a 30 minute deep tissue massage followed by an adjustment and man am I feeling better (don't get me wrong, it's sore from all the tear provoking massaging - but the sharp severe pain that I had before the appointment is gone). 
Not an actual photo of me; source
I rested yesterday and today, but will try to do 3-6 miles tomorrow either before or after my half marathon class.  Fingers crossed, just 11 days and a wake up until the Chicago RnR Half!

Ever had Sartorius pain?


  1. That just sounds nasty -- bloody sartorius pain!! Glad you worked out what the pain is. x

  2. you certainly get more than your fair share of injuries!! When I first started running, I used to come out of alignment at my pelvis all the time, but most of my pain was right at the insertion area. Luckily I can convince my coworkers to put me back into place. Once I started running more it got better, but every now and then I'll throw myself out. Good luck with your healing!

  3. Lady! So sorry to hear about the pain but glad it's getting worked out. I am getting excited for you and the RnR.

    P.S. Miles says hi :) I'm holding him as I type this with one hand.

  4. Yikes. Whenever you have a lapse in posts I figure it's pain related. Bummer!!

    My quad is doing fine now. Not trying to rub it in. Providing you the requested update.


  5. I hope your quads are continuing to improve. You've had enough aches and pains!