Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chapter 2 page 401 - TR 149 & by the numbers

First, I just want to invite you to all check out my new theme posting on Friday (it's already written and set to post - big bummer if it doesn't work).  As you know, I almost never do theme postings (Two Tuesday, or Wordless Wednesday, etc), but I'm thinking that a semi-regular theme post is headed for this blog near you :)

Second, tonight was my last training session before the Rock 'N Roll Chicago half on Sunday.  Jenn from Running For My Life, "C" and I did 2 loops and wracked up an unimpressive 2.45 miles in 36:45.  We did a short warm up then did 2:2 at an average 13:45 m/m pace.  We did that until the last half mile or so when we walked the rest as a cool down.  This was just a final shake out session.  I sure do LOVE running with people!!!!  The more the merrier! 

Finally, as my last "live" post before I head outta town, I wanted to sum up things leading up to and into this weekend's race.  "C" and I have spent considerable time running (figuratively not literally) through all aspects of the full weekend and I'm as confident as I can be about my race strategy (which I admit would NOT be what will work for most of you reading this, but it contains all the stimulation I'll need):

Training by the numbers:
1.  # weeks in this training cycle = 12
2.  # miles = 196
3.  # training partners = 7 (JH, JW, "L", "C", SBFF, "A" & "T"" (+ Spring Into Training Participants)
4.  # long runs over 8 miles during this cycle = 6
5.  # training runs accomplished:  40
6.  # training runs missed:  4 (but I actually did 4 miles more than the schedule called for)

Race Strategy:
1.  Doing it solo (my new friend joining me in Chi-town "MOA" will be a corral ahead of me)
2.  Using it as a training run for my September half where I hope to PR.
3.  Wearing a tutu, princess sash, and tiara to solicit as much crowd support as possible
4.  Play as many mental games:  Count steps, imagine frenemies, imagine "C" running next to me (she suggested I cut out a picture of her head and put it on a stick and carry it with me - I'm not past doing that)
5.  Writing quotes on my arm with a sharpie - might look dumb, but I've selected a few and think they will help around mile 10 when I typically get pretty cranky (now accepting suggestions)
6.  Eat a lifesaver every mile if I need it to distract my mind.
7.  Do 2:2 intervals at least until mile 5 when I will give myself permission to walk through no more than one interval a mile.
8.  Call "C" at mile 9 if things are sinking fast!
9. Have fun - take in all the sights and sounds!

Again, don't forget to check out my Friday theme post!  I'll be back early next week with a race recap!

Eeek - the race is really happening in 3 days and a wake up!!!!!!  Here goes nothin' . . .


  1. Good luck for the race - I know u will do an amazing job! Looking forward to the race recap. Some quotes ... I Believe I achieve .... I run for chocolate .. Running makes me happy and of course Just do it. Go go running princess!!

  2. I saw a shirt the other day that helped me while running, something along the lines of "motivation gets us started, desire keeps us going" But as far as helpful quotes for your race, I have nothing!

    I am so excited for you. I love that you have walked through the race mentally and have a game plan, I really do think that will be helpful for you. I wish I could be there to cheer you across the finish! Rock that princess tutu and don't forget to enjoy yourself!

  3. I think given the location of this race you will have plenty of sights to keep you distracted along the way!

    Curious about this theme post...

    When am I gonna get another TR invite?! It's been too long. Sounds like you might be on a similar running schedule as me now ... :D

  4. Good luck!! Have fun, I'll be thinking of ya!

  5. YOiu do not need luck, yoiu are a running machine! I wish I could go, I will be with you in spirit. Call when youi want.

    What happened to looking for all the costumes? "L"

  6. OMG - I love C's suggestion. I may have peed myself a little reading it.

    I have no quote suggestions though my Road ID says the "Will to Succeed." I would be more inclined to tattoo "martini" all over my arm :)