Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chapter 2 page 407 - Chicago eats & treats

When in Rome do as the Romans . . . . errr, in Chicago . . . . EAT, DRINK, & BE MERRY!

Friday Night:  Bubba Gump @ Navy Pier - FUN!
Random photo to show you the outdoor eating area where we dined.
I had fish & chips - it's served on a fake Forest Gump newspaper - CREATIVE!

On Saturday we ate at Maggiano's Little Italy for our pre-race carb meal  - I don't have any photos but it was AWESOME and totally worth checking out during your next visit to the windy city!

After the race, we headed to one of the city's most recommended pizzarias for a bit of deep dish and spirits!  Ginos East was our destination - this place has ALL THE CHARM!!!!

Saturday night, this place had a 90-120 minute wait . . . must be good.  We waited about 30 minutes on Sunday for lunch!
Just a photo of the multi-story eatery.  Quaint, isn't it?!?!
MOA & her mom.  Who's MOA?  Stay tuned for a whole post on my awesome new friend!
As you can see, graffiti is encouraged so . . . on the left line in the "A" I wrote 13.1 LB
After a half marathon - it's important to hydrate so . . . I got a Rum Punch (left -YUM!), a diet coke (middle - also YUM!), and a water to keep up appearances (right - ha!)
Well, after drinking a Rum Punch while wearing your newly earned medal - you too can have a cheesy picture taken!
What's in that Rum Punch to enable such a "cheesy smile" you ask?  Well see for yourself . . . 1 part goodness mixed with 1 part delicious awesomeness and 2 parts "heck yeah I kicked Chicago butt!"
A round of post race spirits for everyone!!!!  Party at table 1!
One slice of authentic Chicago Style deep dish pizza with meat and veggies and tons of cheese - SOOO GOOD!
The rest of the pizza I brought home - wow, one piece, even after a half marathon, was filling!!!!
The GREATEST restroom sign ever!  Hilarious!
What's your "must go to" restaurant?  How did you discover it?


  1. I love the restaurant signs, and that drink SOUNDS good, and well deserved after your half! My favorite restaurant used to be a little Italian place just a few minutes walk from where I lived in Hong Kong--served lots of great appetizer and champagne by the glass. How could you not love that?

  2. In Chicago, it's a breakfast/lunch joint called Y
    olk. Around here? JK O'Donnells (downtown) and Spyros.

  3. Oooh... Bubba Gump's is really good. They have a lot of fun cocktails!

    I enjoy a cheese toasty and tomato soup at Brit's Pub in Minneapolis post race. In St. Paul, I love The Happy Gnome, and will often go there for a bite to eat after races in St. Paul.