Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chapter 2 page 412 - TR 153 New Running Biddies & TR 154

TR 153
Last night, I had a BLAST during a training run (for those of you new to reading my blog - TR means training run and the number behind the letters TR is the number of training runs I've done since deciding to begin training for my first half last spring).  Our half marathon class combined with the other half marathon class - WOO a whole new group of friends and running buddies!!!!  Those girls in the other class are FUN!!!!!  Dang it for living so far away - I'd totally run with them everyday . . . heck, I might even love running ;)   There were a total of 6 of us out there running 4 miles together.  A.LOT.OF.FUN!!!!! We walked a mile warm up and .75 cool down, but then did two half mile intervals in the middle 2 miles.  So fun -the weather was nice and we had the opportunity to run in a brand new location - just a lot of fun!!!!

This afternoon "C" and battled the heat this afternoon to get a little training done. We were aiming for 4-5 miles, but my time was pretty short AND the temperature was WAY hotter than the forecast (BOO!).  We walked the first half then did 2:2 intervals on the first mile back  - we did them at a pushed pace (maybe around 13:00 m/m).  We walked the last 1.25 miles.  We opted for more walking due to the heat - we tried to get more shade, but it wasn't working!  My left quad hurt a bit, but all in all I'm super thrilled with how quickly my recovery has come after Sunday's half!!!

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  1. So much fun, I really enjoyed meeting the north class too!

    You are doing amazing, your recovery has been phenomenal! I need to take notes from you for F4F!