Sunday, August 21, 2011

Chapter 2 page 414 - TR 154 big city blogger long run

Today's goals:
1.  Get my long run done for the week (I mean it's Sunday after all - tick tock, the week's winding down).
2.  Run part of the route for my September half marathon (always a good thing to have some "experience" with a route whenever possible). 
3.  Help 2 local runners gain confidence for their upcoming half by helping them experience part of the race route.
4.  Meet up with 2 bloggers (T & K).
5.  Get a "redo" at this same route that left me so exhausted I rolled around in the grass feeling as if I couldn't finish! - I really hoped that wasn't going to be the lasting "taste in my mouth" from this route . . . I AM CAPABLE OF DOING BETTER!  Click HERE if you don't remember my grass rolling "I can't go any further" training run. 

How it played out:
1.  Longish run done - 8.38 miles (in 2h20m using 1:05 & 2:35 intervals - I was a guest of T&A for this one so I went with what they were using - PLUS just a week ago I did the half . . . I've never gone more than like 3 miles after a half before . . . woot woot!)
2.  Part of the route for next months half run - YES  . . . actually did more of the route than we originally planned on (thanks "K" for the new route - a LOT of fun).
3.  Help A & T gain confidence in their Sept half knowing they ran the middle section - I'm not sure that they completely gained the confidence but hopefully it will set in and definitely help them feel confident on race day!  Here's a picture of us with about 1.5 miles left to go - we look like a happy bunch don't we? 
left to right:  T, moi, A
4.  Bloggy meet up - YES - FUN!!!  OH MY GOODNESS . . . I.CANNOT..WAIT.TO.DO.IT.AGAIN!
5.  Route redo - YES . . . "Hi, I'm Wells L and this route is NOT going to get the better of me."  Here's a photo of me in the grass just to show the grass who was boss this time :)
Same grass, such a better run this time!!!!
 I'd say this run was a HUGE success on all fronts!!!! I'm thrilled with all aspects of it!!!!  Check out A's blog HERE to see how she felt about the training run.  Thanks T, A, and K for allowing me to join you!!!!!!  You were AWESOME and I had!!!!!


  1. What? Big City? I am LONG overdue for an invite! Share the bloggy love with RBR.

  2. Great job on the run and for showing the grass who is boss this time around!!!!

  3. I'd love to run some of the route for F4F, but I don't know my way around down town. Plus, I wouldn't know where its safe to run alone. But man, this weekend would be the time to do it since I need to run 11 miles - will have to think about that!

    So glad that this run went well for you. I am impressed with how much you are doing so soon after Chicago!

    Sounds like your bloggy meet up was a smashing success! I can't wait to have a bloggy meet up someday! :)

  4. I am so glad you had a great run and let the grass know who is boss ;)