Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chapter 2 page 362 - TR 128 long run nightmare

Sure wish I some pictures to share with you to better depict how today's long run went, but unfortunately, I don't.  No worries - I'll paint you a picture for you.

"C" and I drive to the big city and start out for our 10 mile long run with about 3.5 hours before our half marathon class (PLENTY of time . . . ).  We eat some chews before we start, we go potty before we start, and then we get going. We started off with a walk of about 3/4 mile then we start with 2:40 & 2.  We're good.  Some running intervals felt a little fast, but we're feeling good and strong.  We eat chews at the 3 mile mark - great.  It's pretty hot out, so we walk through an interval here and there.  We head up the next leg of our route and we're feeling less strong.  I get this unbelievable pain in my butt (literally, a pain in my butt).  Leave it to "C" to know what it is and said that it's chronic - GREAT like I need ANOTHER chronic pain!!!!  Sigh.  We walk a little more then we decide to run 6 minutes straight in a section of the route that didn't have a sidewalk.  At this point, we're pooped and feeling a little pressured that we might not actually get the remaining 3 miles done in time before we have to leave for our class - WHAT HAPPENED TO PLENTY OF TIME!!!!  WOW, so we alter our route and head back to a loop path that's only about a mile from our car.  We walk some intervals and then I negotiated changing from 2:40 & 2 to :30 & 1:00.  We really enjoyed the shorter run segments - helped keep things fresh. 
Here comes the visual - we were on a path around a golf course where the grass looked oh so splendid and I told "C" that I wanted to just lay in the grass under the shade tree and spend the afternoon.  I was mostly kidding, but there probably was a thread of truth.  Skip ahead about 3/4 of a mile (give or take), and I was literally done.  I stopped, and sat on the grass.  I told "C" I was done that I just couldn't go any further.  Seriously, I could NOT go further.  I proceeded to lay down in the grass (and weeds - seriously hope there wasn't poison ivy).  I rolled over onto my tummy and just was completely spent.  I rolled back over and sat back up and after "C" said "I can't drag you back to the car!" I said, "Give me a minute (or two) and I'll be ready to go."  As I was saying "I'm done, I can't go another step" a man that looked a lot like a personal trainer and a woman (probably husband and wife, but totally looked like trainer and client) said, "She's ("C") your accountability parnter."  Yes, yes she is indeed!!!!  And savior, and cheerleader, and friend!  "C" is priceless!!!!!!!!  Eventually I get up - and we continue :30 & 1:00 for another mile.  Because of time, we ended up going 9.25 miles (not quite 10, but honestly, it was good enough).

This was a despicable performance on my part!  BOOOOO!  I'm sure too many days off played a big role in my craptastic performance!!!!  Dang it!!  I really wanted to have a run that gave me confidence, but nope - just a bunch of concern for my upcoming 4 half marathons!!!!!!

I came home and decided to give a foot ice soak another chance- this time with less ice.  I've typed this entire post without loosing mind like I did last time (if there are a lot of typos in this post, well, then you now know why).


  1. What was the butt pain? Was it that piriformis? I think SkinnyRunner had that.

    Where was the camera at C??

    Sounds like a real bummer but you are golden! Your first half isn't for a while. You will be fine! Everyone has those days... but I'm not sure everyone rolls in the grass. LOL.

  2. It's not very nice of me but it makes me giggle a bit that you were rolling around in the grass. My sister-in-law has that piriformis and it is no joke. She has to go to PT for her butt, which also makes me giggle. I am so proud of you for getting it done - no matter what it took. And proud of C for helping!

  3. Sorry about the literal pain-in-the-butt! Hope it's nothing serious!

  4. You have plenty of time to train. Just get after it!

    I'll be putting the whole lower half of my body in an ice bath after my half-marathon on Monday. Not looking forward to that...

    Did you figure out what your literal pain in the butt was?