Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chapter 2 page 346 - Half Marathon Class Week 1

I'm sooo excited!  "C" and I signed up for a half marathon class and it began tonight - hooray!!!  It's in the big city so it's a bit of a drive, but we're super excited to learn new training strategies and gain additional support as we both attempt to PR in our September half (Fort 4 Fitness).  The class is sponsored by 3 Rivers Running Company (our local specialty running store) and is taught by the winner of the Fort 4 Fitness Half Marathon (he's won at least the last 2 years maybe more).  He's an amazingly talented coach and runner not to mention a nice person to boot.  He said 2 of the biggest goals of the class were to get involved with the local running community and to train properly.  Sounds good to me!!!

Tonight was just the introduction, but I learned a few things:
1.  It's a great idea to put long runs on Saturdays (or whatever day the race will be on) that way your body can become more adjusted to performing on that day - you can adjust your eating and sleeping to align with that day of the week as well.  Hmmm- just thought long runs needed to be done, but interesting that your body can develop a "routine" by doing them on the same day each week as you will race. 

2.  Run/walk intervals are great - and are optimal to do in a 5 minute block (i.e. week 1:  run 1 minute/walk 4 minutes-5 minutes; week 2:  run 2 minutes/walk 3 minutes = 5 minutes; etc.).

3.  Multi-speed training is the best way to train meaning that having runs during the week that are conducted at different paces (i.e. some slow runs, some speed training, some moderate speed, etc).  I mentioned our 1/2 mile speed workout last week and he was pleased - WOOT WOOT!!!  Score one for us!  He did say he didn't think anyone in his classes over the last 3 years has done speed work so he agrees with my running mentor,"M", that it's not essential at my level. 

4.  Core Training is essential!!!!  It's the number one best supplemental workout to add to your running training schedule.  Second to that is flexibility work.  It was encouraged to do extra core workouts (there's a whole class on this topic in a few weeks).

And the other thing that I thought was FANTASTIC is that the one guy in the class who just did the Indy Mini shares my goal of doing the F4F under 3 hours (high 5 to other slow folks out there!) and also uses the run/walk intervals - hollar! 

I'll post each week about what I learn during my Wednesday evening class - stay tuned.

Have you ever taken a training class?  If so, for what distance?


  1. Sounds like a fantastic class!! I'm jealous! Wish we had something like that around me. I feel like I'm flying blind sometimes.

    I'm also very bad at getting in a core workout. Bad Cupcake!

  2. Ohhh! Thanks for giving us the inside scoop :)

    I am happy to hear about core and flexibility. Two areas I try to work on too! My yoga must be paying off.

    I'm very eager to hear how this goes for you and "C" :)

    So will you be in FW every week now? I smell a pre or post-class bloggy meetup. :)

    For some reason I thought this training group was on Thurs. DOH!

  3. @ Holly - there is also a Thursday night class that meets at IPFW or actually I think it is small enough to meet at the 3RRCo store. Eric's teaching 2 sessions. Will definitely pass on the weekly 411.

  4. How exciting! I was always curious about the class. I also agree that the instructor is super knowledgeable but gracious. When I did that story, he really helped me with a training plan - and he didn't even know it. I can't wait to see how things progress!

  5. I love my Saturday long runs! They're definitely a highlight of my week!

    I've never actually taking a running/training class before, but I'm sure I will when I attempt to complete my first marathon for the third time next year. :)