Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chapter 2 page 336 - say what?

I just had to document this for the future when I look back and want to identify the exact day/time that "C" lost her mind  set a HUGE goal and dragged me into her delusion!

Tonight, "C" asked if I would do a full marathon with her to celebrate her 55th birthday which is August 2012.

Here's what I said I could for sure do without quesiton -
1.  I can train with her.
2.  I will travel to the destination of her dreams to cheer her on.
3.  I will think about it.
4.  I will have the massage therapist on speed dial (that's my girl Ashley "MGA" for those of you who forgot).

So . . .  bloggy friends, these are my questions for you!
a.  What marathon would you recommend for first (and ONLY) time marathoners?
b.  Have you done a marathon?  If so, how did it go - what advice do you have for training and/or the actual race?  If not, is it on your "to do list"?
c.  Anything I/we should know about marathoning before I/we jump into this thing?


  1. I have never done a marathon but I think I got suckered into one this morning. I don't know one in particular to do but I know that I would choose a destination marathon...maybe Hawaii? Or something equally awesome...I mean, if you're only going to do one then do it right. :) Good luck and my advice since I did start training for a marathon but then got injured and had to drop to a half, don't get different shoes in the middle of training, if your shoes work then keep buying the same kind. Switching to Asics is how I got hurt. :( You're going to kick ass ...and completely unrelated: I promise to start commenting more. :)

  2. Chicago. 2012. Be there or be sane.

    When I sought advice for a first time marathon, every one said a big city race is better and Chicago has been said to be a good first marathon. It's flat, they say.

  3. LOL! What a great post. C lost her mind!

    Sorry girl but I have no tips in this area. I hope to get several more halfs under my belt before I ever consider that territory!

  4. I've never done a full marathon and have wanted to for so long. Injury always gets in my way. My fiance (who will be September 17 be my husband!) and I are planning to do the Twin Cities Marathon in 2012. Please join us!