Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chapter 2 page 354 - heel, next step

At Saturday's Diva Dash 5K, I got a coupon for $20 off a massage.  One of the types of massage it could be used for is a plantar fasciitis massage - no idea what it's all about, but I'm willing to try it (once!).  I LOVE MGA and would never want to have another massage therapist, but I'm going to try this specialized PF massage.  It's tomorrow evening (after my scraping PT appointment and before the 3 Elles martinis-seemed like good timing to me).  Friday evening, I'll have a post about week 2 of my half marathon class as well as the PF massage.  Hope your week is going well!!!! 


  1. Can you give me the chapter one link?
    Waiting for your reply

    Kenneth Lee
    HCG Ez Trim

  2. I hope the PF massage will be very helpful for you!

  3. Have a relaxing time at the massage - and drink a martini for me!

  4. @ Kenneth Lee - no chapter 1

  5. Lol! The martini should take the edge off the pain after the scraping. Nice plan!