Thursday, June 30, 2011

Chapter 2 page 363 - half marathon class week #3

This was week 3 of our 13 week half marathon class that is sponsored by the local running store.  The teacher is very knowledgeably and friendly.  He has won the Fort 4 Fitness half marathon (that we're all training for) the last 2 years so if anyone knows how to do it right, I'd say it's he!

Last week the topic was shoes and apparel and I didn't write a post about it because I honestly didn't learn anything new.  This week's topic was environmental conditions and hydration.  I felt pretty confident that this would all be a review, but to my surprise, I learned quite a bit.  Below is a little summary of things I either was reminded about or learned, enjoy:

1.  Shade is always better than running on a sunny path, even if it means less air movement (I wrote a post about this very topic just a couple of weeks ago and you all gave the exact same advice - kudos bloggers!)

2.  Wind is the opposite of humidity.  It can dry your swat faster before it has a chance to cool you which in turn increases the amount you sweat.  So windy conditions require more water intake because of this drying before cooling effect.  HMM - news to me! 

3.  High humidity does not allow the sweat to evaporate from your skin.  Therefore, you'll sweat more and are more likely to become dehydrated.  I'm not saying I didn't know this one, but it was just put differently tonight then I have previously thought of it. 

4.  When humidity is over 70%, you'll need to drink more because your fluid replenishment needs increase.

5.  This is interesting - hydration needs are similar for a run occurring during a 60-70 degree day as they are for one taking place at 30-40 degrees.  Totally didn't know that!

6.  Emerging research is showing the old beliefs may no longer hold true.  Those "common beliefs" now in question are:   
     a.)  Endurance performance begins to diminish when you loose as little as 1-2% of your body weight during a run (from water loss).
     b.)  You should begin consuming water before you get thirsty because once you're thirsty you are already slightly dehydrated. 

7.  Wearing tight clothes during cold temperatures actually puts you at a greater risk for frostbite because it restricts blood flow to the skins.  Seriously - wearing tights or compression garmets is not advised.  Don't we all wear tights in the winter?????????????  Apparently, it puts you at a greater risk for frostbite - WOW - BREAKING NEWS TO ME (not that it'll be cold enough to care about this newly learned factoid anytime soon, but still. . . .)  Now you know!  HMMM!

And from a classmate . . .
8.  Bondiband is having a sale and you can use the promo code (FIVE) to get 5 bondibands for $25 (that's a $3 per band savings - woot!)

That's pretty much all I learned this week, any of this new to you?


  1. Very interesting. I didn't know about No. 7 - at all. Nor did I really think about my hydration needs in the winter. Who wants to carry around water when there's snow on the ground?

  2. that thing about the wind is very interesting!!

    Have a great weekend, I think we're moving weigh ins back to wednesday....that seems to work better for everyone : )

  3. Wow, these tidbits are interesting! Some of these are definitely applicable now because it's summertime, but I'll have to keep #7 in mind this winter. Thanks for the info!

  4. When I ran outside in the cold I always put a pair of long underwear on under my shorts, but they didn't feel super tight. Interesting, maybe I just had the right amount of room in them. Thanks for the information!