Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Chapter 2 page 361 - L.A.Z.Y.

At first I was thinking I might be the only one who has ever sort of fallen off the running bandwagon and then I realized that was silly!  I believe almost everyone has had a lack of motivation and taken an extra rest day (or 2 or 3 or 4).  I had a pretty good run on Friday that I had to gut out the first 3 miles but then was amazing because my husband made some surprise appearances to encourage me.  On the heels of that pretty good run, I've done NOTHING - NOTHING- NOTHING!  I have carried my workout clothes to work everyday so that I could change and go for my usual post-work run, but NOPE - I have also carried the clothes back out to my car each day - BOOOO!  I have given some thought as to why I've taken 4 days off (not that you care, but . . .):

1.  My shins and knees have felt hinkey - they sort of feel like shin splints and sort of just feel like they need a chiro adjustment.  They sort of hurt and sort of just feel odd - nuts, I know.

2.  My running partner, "C", has been gone - and we all know how I feel about running alone.

3.  I'm afraid that it will be hard and hurt (because it almost always hurts and is hard!). - this one is super weak - I know, BOO!
And the biggest reason-
4.  My half marathon teacher tweaked our training schedule and now has us running 4 days a week instead of 3 (and occasionally 4).  Under the 3 day a week system we have used for over a year, I could knock out one run and know I had to only do 2 more . . . but now, with 4 days a week, if I knock out one run, there are still 3 more to do - ummmmm, (see number 3 above - running is hard and painful).

No worries - even if we have to crawl, we're doing 10 miles in the big city this afternoon (should be unbelievably freakin' hot, but at least we'll get it done before our half marathon class and I can return to feeling good about my running efforts!).

Ever taken a couple of extra rest days?  How did you get back on schedule?


  1. Girl I am right there with you! Since Thursday I have only run 3 miles and walked for 60 minutes.

    Not much considering that is over a 5-day period!


  2. I think your shins and knees will feel better after a chiro adjustment. I'm definitely looking forward to my chiro/ART treatment on Friday during my lunch break! My legs need it bad!

    I struggle with motivation sometimes, but it usually happens during my long runs. Once I get past a certain distance (it's been 10K in the past, but this year it's 4-5 miles into a run), I just want to be done and I lose a lot of my motivation. Hang in there! You can do it!