Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Chapter 2 page 344 - breakfast, lunch, or snack oh my!

Eaten at 11:30, not sure if this was a 2nd breakfast, a snack or lunch - probably lunch, but either way, it was delicious . . . healthy, and quick to make!

I Started with a whole wheat bagel thin - a definite staple in my diet (I use them for everything!)
 Toast the bagel (or burn it like I did -boo!), then I added 2 slices of reduced fat cabot sharp cheddar.  At only 50 calories a slice, I didn't think 2 would be too damaging to my diet for the day.

 I then cooked an egg (of course, for uber health, I could have done just the egg whites, but I was in a hurry) and added 1 cup of spinach for good measure.

Now, I like my "breakfast foods" accompanied by a potato product - I blame fast food restaurants for this - we've become soooo trained to have fries with burgers and hash browns with breakfast.  So . . . during my recent big city grocery shopping trip - I found these.   Now, I know the whole "butter" part of them isn't great but 1/3 of the bag is only 150 calories.  While my egg was cooking and my bagel was toasting, these puppies were steaming in the MW for 5 minutes. 

Put it all together and literally 6 minutes later (it would have taken 3 times that length of time to drive to McDonalds and is oh so much healthier and delicious), it was landing on my taste buds - oh so delicious!!!  Too bad I burned my bagel.  And I only ended up eating 4 potatoes - they were delicious and very filling!!! I will definitely get them (and the other varieties) again!

 What's your quick, easy, healthy go-to lunch?


  1. I am loving the food post kick!

    The sandwich does look good. 100 cal for the cheese is fine. Probably about 1 oz. which is 1 serving of dairy.

    I always eat the whole egg. I feel like it's really wasteful to only eat the whites. I don't understand how so many people do that!

    Kroger is making multi-grain and whole-grain sandwich thins now. In the bread aisle. They are 100 cals per and a lot cheaper than the bagel thin. Like $1.99 for an 8-pack. Just a consideration if you are in the mood for more thins!

  2. It might be processed but I really like the Progresso Light soups - the vegetable barley is my fave. I'll do a cup of that, a cup of frozen broccoli (cooked, of course) and a homemade wrap. If you don't want to make the wrap, sub out a cup of low-fat cottage cheese. During a summer of weight loss in college, I had corn, sliced tomatoes and cottage cheese every day for lunch. So good!

  3. Oooh... that looks delicious.

    I usually bring leftovers for lunch, although lately I've been bringing spinach and lettuce topped with cottage cheese. Yum!

  4. I like 1 cup of brown Basamati rice, 1/2 cup of black beans and salsa. Covers complex veggie carb, complex starch carb and protein and is soooo yummy!!