Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chapter 2 page 355 - TR 125 9 mile long run

It was soooo windy!  The storms were looming and the skies were ominous, but thankfully except for a few rain drops, it was dry.

"C" and I did 2.5 miles prior to our half marathon class then we did 3.75 miles with another classmate after class.  We finished up with 2.5 more miles for a total of 8.75 (close enough to 9 to count).  This was one of our least creative runs - we did 7 laps around a big city gym . . . it was a safe option given the super grey clouds that were overhead - didn't want to be 5 miles away and have it storm. A total of 8.75 miles in 2:05 - not a terrible pace, considering!

There were some little kids playing coaches pitch baseball - they were adorable to watch.  There were some older kids playing baseball and one of the fans in the stands is a local runner who I really enjoy seeing at the different races.  She spoke to us on the first 5 laps - then the baseball game became a nail bitter with a tied score and had her full attention.  So fun to see her and for her not only to recognize me but also speak.  In another part of the park there was a well attended outdoor concert.  I am not a fan of music, but they were really good so that was a lot of fun to listen to for about 1/4 mile during each of the 7 laps. 

My heel really hurt during this run - that's kind of unusual - usually doesn't hurt while I run (sigh).  "C's" hamstring was hurting as well.  We just gimped along :( 

Nothing too fancy about this recap - just a plain and simple run!


  1. Great job! I do the same thing if I'm afraid it's about to rain--stick close to home/car with little loops!

  2. Sounds like a great training run, even with the threat of rain. I stay indoors and pound out miles on the treadmill if it looks like rain is coming.