Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chapter 2 page 329 - TR 115 Happy Running Day!

Today the training schedule called for an easy 4 miler.  I was sooo thankful when "C's" plans changed so we were able to run together this evening.  It was as hot as yesterday, but far less humid.  I haven't seen or talked to "C" for a week and a half (at the Geist).  We started off with our usual walking warm up and then did 2:2 for 2 miles.  We had SOOO much talking to do that we opted to walk the rest of the way.  We probably should have pushed it at least another half of a mile, but we weren't really feeling it and besides - there was a lot of jaw exercises to be done - a girl can only multi-task so much!!  It was awesome.  I would totally stop running in a split second if I no longer had running partners.  I'm so thankful for "C" and "L"!!!!!
So, how did you celebrate National Running Day?

OOHHH I can't believe I forgot to mention this above - I have had my 2nd run in my Nike Pegasus shoes and my knee doesn't seem to hurt.  Hooray for no knee pain, BOOO for yet another pair of shoes that didn't work out.  I'm certain that's my 15th different type of shoe and still no "Cinderella's slipper" . . . 


  1. Glad your knee didn't hurt. I liked the Pegasus when I had 'em!

  2. Oddly enough, I didn't run at all on National Running Day. I put in overtime at work and then had a Team Ortho meeting in the evening. I ran on Tuesday evening.