Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chapter 2 page 353 - back in rehab

I don't have photos and at this moment I barely have my sanity, but I'm back in rehab for my heel.  Since I had reached a pain free point for my half marathon but the pain has returned I'm willing to do endure some more torutre  therapy if it means it can get back to being pain free.  This time, today, there was a new torture instead of scraping.  How could anything be worse than scraping you ask?  Yeah, I really wasn't thinking it was possible, either!!!  OHHHHHH - my therapist today said, "You should put your foot in ice water."  That didn't sound so bad.  An ice pack, I should tell you, makes my heel feel like a frozen ice pick is being shoved deep into my heel, but an ice water soak I thought - sure, that sounds like it could be good.
This is NOT my foot or ice bath but it looks EXACTLY like it - kept toes up so they wouldn't get in the water per the therapist's directions.  photo source
 Seriously - after 20 minutes in the FREEZING water, I started laughing uncontrollably in pain.  I think I was seriously cracking up (like in a loony ward kinda way).  I had TRIED so hard to read all of your blogs while I was soaking my foot -thought it would be a great distraction to the intensity of the whole experience.  I'm sorry you all, my heart just wasn't in it.  I seriously could not focus on what you were saying.  I REALLY wanted to. 
This was all I could think of - ice, cold, pain!
 Now that my foot is removed, I really wanted to tell Allie from That Girl is a Running Fool to have fun with her mom and not to worry if the rooms don't get painted - seriously, she'll love you even if they don't get done.  I also wanted to tell her that I'll be thinking about her as she is solo in a foregin country as her husband gets deployed.  I wanted to tell the Gourmet Runner that her salad look so good.  I wanted to tell Running to Health that I was proud of her run even if it had to get shortened due to a casualty.  None of these things could I actually type out - I'm sorry ladies!!!  Please forgive me. 

As I was literally loosing my mind, my husband said "Why do you do such things to yourself."  I replied in between intense laughing from pain unlike almost anything else I've experienced, "the therapist said it would help.  He is full of crap!"  (no hard feelings "M" - just too big of a weenie I guess!). 

How, in the world, do you all do a full ice bath after running????  I don't think it has to be quite as cold as this foot soak was, but seriously what's 10 degrees warmer - it was freaking cold!!!  WOW, my hat off to you - crazy hard core is what an ice bath is!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess we'll have to see how it feels tomorrow to see if it was worth it or not!!! 


  1. I hope your heel feels better and that the torture wasn't for nothing. I don't know if i could survive an ice bath - Brrrr!

  2. Oh. My. That sounds terrible! YUCK!

    You have a way of writing that makes any situation sound funny (sorry to say that b/c I know your torture therapy ISN'T funny!)



  3. Was the pain amplified because of the cold?

    Or you just don't like the cold in general?

    I have found icing to be uncomfortable but never painful. Usually after the intial shock wears off I'm fine and can sit there all day.

    Believe me! I did a lot of icing on my toe/foot before I found out what was wrong.

  4. I listen to music on my iPod when I'm sitting in a tub of ice water. The cold gets to me, but I know from experience how great my legs feel after enduring an ice bath.

  5. @ Holly - the cold definitely intensified the pain!!!!!