Thursday, June 16, 2011

Chapter 2 page 348 - Late night snack

Ever been hungry at 9:30 p.m.?
1.  Raid the junk food
2.  Share the ice cream that your hubby is eating
3.  Do nothing - go to bed (probably a good choice)
4.  Decide to make something healthy and delicious like a smoothie

Did you say number 4?  You're a winner!!  Show them what they won . . .

1 individual container container of chobani (wish it would have been strawberry, but blueberry was all I had)
Put the Greek Yogurt into blender.
Cut up 1 cup of strawberries (I have made a blueberry smoothie before didn't like the pithy taste the blueberries give it)
Since my strawberries were fresh, I wanted to make the smoothie colder so I added a couple of ice cubes.
Put it all in the blender.
Blend until smooth.
Enjoy, with a full tummy, sleep well!
Although this was quick and easy, smoothies are fun to make with all kinds of fruits & veggies.
  What are your favorite ingredients to put in a smoothie?


  1. I like popcorn and kale chips as snacks. Or cereal. Or banana soft serve if I have frozen bananas.

    If you plan ahead on the smoothie, put your yogurt in the freezer and skip the ice. Creamier and richer that way :)

  2. My favorite smoothie is anything with peanut butter. I usually mix up a peanut butter and banana smoothie after a run (sometimes I use vanilla chobani and sometimes I use my almond milk and protein powder- depends on how far/hard I ran).

    I'm actually going to make one right now....

  3. I like putting soymilk in my smoothies :)

  4. @ all of you - your ideas sound YUM-MY!!!! I'm super ready to go to the grocery store tomorrow to pick up the things you mentioned. Cupcake - PB and I are BEST friends (thanks to RBR for the help in transitioning to natural PB) - gonna make a PB smoothie - YES PLEASE!

  5. I actually haven't made a smoothie in a long time. I'm inspired to do so now.

    Something interesting that Kimberly noted.... my roommate has been making a lot of kale chips lately. They're really good!

  6. I use frozen banana's instead of ice. when the banana is almost ripe, I slice and toss in a freezer bag.