Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Chapter 2 page 335 - TR 118 it's how hot!

It was soooooo FANTASTIC to run with "C" again - it's only our 2nd time together in 2.5 weeks - HUGE SIGH!  It was GREAT to do this 6 miler with her!!!

I planned a route that passed 4 water fountains and was more than half in the shade - this was essential because the heat index was over 100 degrees and oh so sunny!!!!  We used a new interval 2:20 & 2 as we are moving into the interval we'll be using for the Fort 4 Fitness half marathon in September (we still haven't finalized what that will be - stay tuned).  It was oh so hot so we walked a good bit of this 6 miler and did the intervals the rest.  It seemed impossible with the hot temps to even put one foot in front of the other, but we did it!!!!

I would REALLY like to hear your opinion on a situation that has come up twice this week.  Both Monday and today, I opted to run on a shaded path that was through the woods.  This is awesome because it makes the route shady (so fab because the sun is brutal).  The problem - the trees block the breeze (even a tiny breeze would be nice, but through the woods, all you get is complete stillness).  The alternative is to run on a much sunnier road, but you'll get a little more air movement. 
So, my question is . . . what do you think (or know) is better option when it's super sunny and hot outside:
Option 1:  a shaded path with little/no air movement
Option 2:  a sunny path with a little air movement

I would REALLY appreciate your opinion (or if you know some scientific rationale, I'm open to hearing it)!!!  Thanks!!!!


  1. I think the shaded path would be better just because the sun really, really amplifies the temps.

    What was your old ratio? Sorry... I am trying to figure out if you are doing more running or walking with the new ratio.

    It was rough out there today!

  2. @ Holly - most recently we have done a 2:2 ratio so we're working on adding more running. In the past, here's what we used:
    F4F = 2 & 1
    Women's Half = 2 & 1:15
    Geist - 2 & 2
    It's likely we'll get to a 2:30 & 1:30 or a 3 & 1:30 or something. Last year we aimed to do a 3 & 1 for the F4F, but that felt impossible, but we've (read that as "I've") come so far since last year.

  3. Running in the shade, even with no breeze, will feel much cooler overall. Maybe you could run with a battery-powered hand-held fan? :)

  4. @Richelle - a bonus to your genius idea is that the bugs will also stay away :)

  5. I say shade every time...just run faster if you want a breeze. :)

  6. I vote for a bronzed man to run next to me with a palm frond but I didn't see that option :) I go with shade. Always.

  7. @Kimberly - I vote YES! Girl, tonight there was a shirtless HOTTIE running in the opposite direction while I was with my Spring Training group - they totally begged me to make that our turn around point so we could have a nice view on the way back. Ha! He was HOT - I run that route OFTEN - where has he been!!!!

  8. That's it. I want to run that route with you! I appreciate good scenery ;)