Saturday, June 18, 2011

Chapter 2 page 351 - TR 123 Full Mooon 5K recap w/ 27 photos

At 8:00 p.m. last night, I participated in a small local race called Full Moon 5Ks & Fairways.  It was a  cross country run on the golf course property followed by dinner and 9 holes of night golf (though, it turned out that not enough people signed up for the golf so it was canceled).  This was my first cross country run - I did a cross country 3K walk 2 weeks ago, but this was my first actual run . . . .WOW my hats off to all of you who have done and do cross country!!!!!!!  I have a WHOLE new found respect for the difficulty of your races!!!!  To say last night's race was HARD would be an enormous understatement!!!!!  The insane heat and humidity combined with the challenge of numerous undulations plus running on challenging terrain made this race one of my most difficult.  Now, 24 hours later, I'm so glad that I did it.  I need to challenge my body in different ways - it's good for me - it (hopefully) will help me improve as a runner.  Last night was also the day after the last Spring Into Training session and many of the participants were forced into doing a race took advantage of a local opportunity to do a 5K.  For many of them, this was their first 5K - I feel so badly because it was SOOOOO unlike any other 5K.  I hope they'll be willing to try another one (on a paved road) one day!  Here are 27 photos (in no particular order - sorry) - enjoy!!!!! (p.s. you can click on any of the photos to zoom in)

Mother-daughter S.I.T. participants
Another family photo of S.I.T. participants
Aren't they a cute couple?  Husband-wife S.I.T. participants.

Mother (S.I.T.) - daughter (honorary S.I.T. participants & 1st time 5K walker)

FIRST.RACE.EVER!!!!  This is "A" & "T" who are training for their first half marathon.  Follow their journey on "A's" blog HERE.

2 (not related) S.I.T. participants - they're showing their pre-race joy!

The race director.

Seriously - aren't they a cute couple?!?

"A" & "T" near the starting line.  Smiles = before the race!

Surely you recognize "C" & I - if not, you need to read this blog more often!

I had planned to wear a red shirt, but "C" said that we should wear glow in the dark colors, so we busted out our neon - and of course, I had to paint my nails to match!!!!! 

"A" & "T" and the mom-daughter duo ( 350 is related to 343 & 345 by marriage)

2 related S.I.T. training members - I'm starting to get that the SIT group was one big family reunion!!!!

2 schools of pre-race prep  - stretch it out or relax it away!

This is "TH" she's awesome.  She's an amazing runner and is a member of the local running club!

S.I.T. members who were participating in the Full Moon 5K + "A" & "T" + 1 "other" (police officer in blue shirt)

Another S.I.T. "family photo" - see the little girl on the left ("T's" daughter)- she ran every participant into the finish line SO.STINKIN'.CUTE!!!! 

Race director giving directions at the starting line - this was a age & gender graded race meaning that slower age/gender groups started first and then every so  many seconds/minutes the next slowest age/gender group went and so on until the last people to go were the fastest age/gender (like 20 year old men).  It was certainly different and kind of fun!  Might have been a little more fun had there been more people.

"C" waiting until 2:30 minutes after the initial start for her age/gender group to go . . . poor girl - she was the only one in her group (so was I) - made for a lonely race!

This is a self portrait taken at about mile 2.25.  That's sweat!!!

After the race, we got dinner which included 2 types of make-your-own subs. 

I ended up leaving the golf course at exactly 10:00 p.m. so I thought I would snap a photo of the course sign on my way out - better late than never, right?

"A" & "T" and me - great photo!!!  I'm sooooo proud of you girls for doing  your first 5K and I swear the rest are NOT as hard as this race was!!!!!!!

S.I.T. participant walking the race course - she's only about 50 yards from the finish - look at that smile.  When we were done she said, "I feel great!"  Super job "CH"!!!!!

This is "T" (forground) and "A" (behind her a few feet - you can see her white bib back and to the left of "T") with about 25 yards to go - looking strong (maybe hating life a little) - but seeing the finish line clock always makes the pain less!!! 

There you go - the smiles are back!!!!!  High 5's ladies!!!!
 Sooo excited that so many of the S.I.T. participants decided to have a "final exam" and take part in this event.  It was certainly a LOT of fun sharing this evening with them.  I really hope that we can all do it again soon!!!!!!


  1. Seriously wouldn't have made it across the finish line without your help L!! That course was NOT fun!! But it's Sunday and I can look back at it now and say that I have a 5K under my belt!!! Thanks for everything! You are a HUGE inspiration to us!!!!

  2. We can always count on you to have a lot of photos! You are truly becoming the B-Town blogger! Representing the whole crew down there!

    Sounds like you had fun but I admit the humidity would have made me a grumpasaurus! So maybe best I copped out.

    We have had the A/C on all weekend. YUCK. I want some fresh air soon please!!

  3. Awesome job everybody! It's so inspiring to me to see people complete their first races! Congrats! Love all the photos, too!