Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chapter 2 page 422 - TR 159 Five, Friends, and Fun

Tonight, thanks to no "official" half marathon class, it allowed "C" and I to do our 5 mile run elsewhere - so, we opted to join up with our bestie bloggy friend "K" and her dog "D" for a 5 mile loop around portion of the route for our September half. 

We talked and laughed and had a great time.  I run MUCH slower than "K" and slower than "C", but both were cordial in allowing me to sort of set the pace which was faster than my "normal" pace, but it was a nice and manageable challenge.  They were gracious enough to let me walk through a few intervals (thanks girls!).  "C" called me the "beeper keeper" and said I could do whatever I liked!  Do you know what I LOVED most about this run?  I loved that despite the 3 of us having very different paces, we were all able to set aside our personal "norms" and just have a fun run together.  We talked and laughed so much that it really didn't feel like 5 miles - it just felt like girlfriends catching up!  So much fun!!!! (thanks "K" for enduring the afternoon sun/heat with us - know it's not your fav!)

The weather was super hot which made it feel impossible when some of our running intervals were in the 11:30 - 12:45 m/m pace (you know if I had my way every interval would be 14:00 m/m - ha!).  It was great to be pushed to go a bit faster, but to be so with friends who get me . . .Nice!  I love running WITH friends!!!!!  We all know I'm not a solo runner!! 

Got some rest days coming up (thank you cut back week!!!).  Will be helping set up some of the race "stuff" on Friday night and Saturday morning and then will be hoping to PR in my 10 mile race Saturday (fingers crossed).  I will be joined by April & her training partner "T" (April's blog is HERE), and my friend from work SD (it's her first 10K - good luck SD wishing you well!), and one of our classmates from our half marathon class who has become a fast friend and REALLY fun chica to run with, Jenn (Jenn's blog is HERE).  There will be LOTS of other awesome people in the race and I can't wait to see them all.  It's a fine group of people who come down for this race!!!

What's your preference:  Solo?  One buddy?  Group?  Talking? Silent?  Music?  Audio books?


  1. I love hearing about such a fun run. I usually pick solo and silent runs. While I am about the chattiest person you could ever meet, I like my quiet time when I'm running! Although when I have some friends around to talk and have a fun run it's a nice change.

    I like your idea of using a metronome-type thing for keeping a pace. Hubby has an iPhone I could probably find the app for, and try it out. Sounds interesting! It might help me maintain my pace better, which is always so tough for me.

    Have you ever heard of "dog runners" vs. "cat runners"? Dogs are the ones who love to talk, be social, run in groups (THAT'S YOU!) and cats are the ones who prefer solo, quiet runs (ME!). I think it's a neat way to think about it!

  2. @Vanessa - love the dog vs. cat runners - never heard that before . . . super fun! Hope the metronome app is helpful. Ours has 2 separate tones so that one beep is our left foot and the other type of beep is our right foot (that part is probably unnecessary, but it does help a little with monotony)

  3. That is so great that you have a half marathon class. Where did you find that? Circumstance usully makes me a solo runner. I go when my husband is home or my boys are at school. But I have been wanting to find some running buddies for a while. I was so glad to meet up recently with one of my best friends who I I do not see very often. We live pretty close to each other but work,kids,life, it all seems to just mess with the schedule. Hopefully we can stick with the plan of Sundy long runs. The pace was a little slower than I usully do but then again I was yappin away! Lol!! Bottom line, It makes it so great.

  4. Those are the best runs!! the ones where the miles fly by and it feels like you're just catching up with your buds :) Good luck in your race!! I know you can PR! :)

  5. Hey, you guys should give me a shout next time you're in the area for a run. I live in the same neighborhood as K and D now. I don't usually run with anyone else (aka NEVER), but I'd love to join you guys sometime! You can shoot me an email at kellyebenton (at) gmail (dot) com :)

    Good job with the HM training!

  6. @ Kelly Benton - nice new last name!!! Such a cute photo. Will definitely hook up for a run in the future. After F4F our big city runs happen less often, but we'll just have to make a road trip of it!!!

    @ Heather - our local running store was offering the half marathon class. You may also have some luck through a YMCA or a training program from a big race or local running club/group. Good luck - it's been a great experience!!!

  7. As I told you on DM, I think you are a rockstar for running in that heat. I don't think I could manage it!

    Aww, thanks for the shout out! I am really excited about Saturday! I think you will PR with ease, you ave been training so hard!

    I definitely prefer to run with people but as you know most of my runs are solo.

  8. I used to run alone most of the time. Well, if you don't count Denali as a running partner. The times I did have a companion it was Mark. I'm real enjoying the social aspect of the sport now and having some new buddies!

  9. Love that you have friends to run with. When i could run :((( I liked running by myself, I had to have music though. My bestie and I would do races, both of us with our ipods on and then recap at the end of the race. I'm definately a cat runner but a dog in real life! Good luck with the race this weekend.

  10. Just wanted to let you know I've passed on the Leibster blog award to you. Details on my blog. xx Sammy